Cornelia (Emily Blunt) first meets Eli (Chaske Spencer) | The English – BBC

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A meeting written in the stars.

An aristocratic Englishwoman (Emily Blunt) and a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout (Chaske Spencer) join together in 1890 mid-America to cross a violent landscape built on dreams and blood.

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  1. So….. shot in Spain (not the US) AND with a bunch of English actors showing off their “American accents.” Waiting for the day BBC makes a series with Maine standing in for Scotland and American actors mangling Scots.

    PS, Ciaran Hinds needs to spend a few more years traveling the US.

  2. I love Emily. She is an excellent actress. She becomes the character & draws us into the character.
    She’s very gifted. I’m definitely going to watch this movie.

  3. How am I supposed to find this series on iPlayer? I've typed "The English" and got around 100 results.

  4. So fictionally fake!!!! As if an Indian would have walked alone into a hotel. Had something like that happened, there would have been a war path. 😂

  5. Discrimination and Equality is everyone's fight… A Woman will fight for Justice ⚖️ because noone knows better than she about Discrimination and Equality… "We're All ONE"…🌬💫💛

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