Cornelia (Emily Blunt) and Eli (Chaske Spencer) in TENSE shootout 😲πŸ”₯ The English

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⚠️ Nail-biting level: HIGH

The heart-stopping moment Cornelia and Eli find themselves in danger.

Two strangers are drawn together in a violent landscape built on dreams and blood in America, 1890. The English is an epic tale of love, revenge and power starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer.

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  1. Gotta laugh at the way they watch the shot hit and then duck behind the dead horse πŸ˜‚

  2. Watched on BBC and iplayer and ordered the dvd. Each time I watch it I see something I missed. The chemistry between Cornelia and Eli is tangible, the accuracy of detail commendable, the story telling fast, the photography beautiful in choice and scenery. It wrecks me emotionally each time but watching the strength in Eli and Cornelia is so refreshing, very few times do you see strength and tenderness go so well together. if this does not win an award what's the point in having them.

  3. it is actually a beautiful show, very beautiful stories. In these day with so much production, this one stands out.I'm not amazon haha

  4. Lol, currently 11 comments on this video, and 6 are clearly Amazon pretending to be real viewers!

  5. That was definitely an excellent scene Cannot express just how great this series is 5 stars 2 thumbs up πŸ‘ Both lead actors do an excellent performance 🎭 Best western ever !! Hopefully they both win awards They both deserve Oscar’s in my opinion

  6. It's a serious comment on the general hideousness caused by humanity without humanity

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