Copenhagen Cowboy | Official Trailer | Netflix

The heroine we’ve all been waiting for – Miu is here to show how the netherworld of Copenhagen should be run. Copenhagen Cowboy is coming to Netflix January 5th 2023.


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Copenhagen Cowboy | Official Trailer | Netflix



  1. Not sure what I just watched, but I know why I watched. Last time I got this feeling about a film was when I was a youngin and seen Eraser Head.

  2. I lived in Copenhagen & my brother was born there. I visited again in my Twenties. That place will always be in my heart & psyche so it's extra meaningful to experience this story – I may as well have been kidnapped by aliens aged 7! But that's another story!
    Thank you for telling the story of so many unfortunate women & immigrants. I felt the shivers of realization. This is so much more than 'a story'. It's happening right now…right now there are women who are being tortured, brutalized , held against their will, buried in the darkness of human evil … & yet…there is beauty even in evil. NWR portrays this & it turns me on!! 👌👺🔥💦😩🤔


  3. I want to live in NWR's mind & be beautifully, happily, satisfyingly, entranced – forever amen!! 'lets f***' indeed!! 😎🔥💥

  4. I don't know what drugs the director took, but this film is just stupid and bearable only in delirium. 🤦🤦🤦

  5. This show is so good. Everything is so aesthetically on point, music, tone, acting and story of substance. Might be turned off pork for awhile though.

  6. I liked this, but 2 suggestions. How about more that 6 episodes, and will someone please slap the director if they try to use the 360 slow pan crap again. It is so annoying.

  7. This show sucks sooooo badly! The actings the scenes and places! The lighting! Wasted my damn life! No point! Just evil disgusting Illuminati like scenes. Netflix you're wasting our time and $. Wtf is this

  8. What a waste of time. This happens if you have a story for a 90 minutes movie and you make a 6 hours series, it's getting boring.

  9. This show is amazing! NWR clearly didn't hold back this time around. He basically takes all of the best aspects of Too Old to Die Young, and expands further upon them. The story structure, pacing, set design, wardrobe, cinematography, It's all ramped up. And I especially love how he included his stylized depictions of different cultures, which again is a great device for creating snazzy set pieces that we can ogle our eyes at. Anyways overall this is quality material, glad Netflix is on board with it.

  10. First 3 episodes were great, the rest unfortunately not. Too many random uninteresting characters introduced for no good reason. NWR should've stuck with the main characters/storyline in episode 1 and made everything else minor subplots

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