Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Never-before-heard audio from the interrogation of serial killer John Wayne Gacy threads through this chilling look at his 1970s murder spree, as new interviews with investigators and survivors bring the horror of his crimes into full focus.


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Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix

He dined with the powerful. He preyed on the vulnerable. Beneath a smiling exterior was the horrifying darkness of a sadistic serial killer.

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  1. My great aunt was friends with his second wife and attended their wedding, she helped serve the cake… the thing with people like him, Btk, ted bundy they were very good with keeping up appearances and no one knew..

  2. I know this case so well and done seem every little video detailing John’s nasty, inhumane acts. I’m still going to watch this though because hey, who doesn’t love a good serial killer documentary?

  3. Not all killers are sadistic, there are many different reasons these "people" do what they do…Gacy was one on the sicker ones..he took pleasure in his victims suffering, he like to see them squirm 😣

  4. I’m honestly really surprised that they decided to continue this series, I thought it was just going to be a one shot miniseries focusing on Ted Bundy but I guess it was popular enough to do another season with JWG

  5. i was actually waiting for Gacy's appearance in Mindhunter but eh, this works i guess….god will Mindhunter get a 3rd season though

  6. FINALLY a good, quality documentary about Gacy. We all know how horrifying he was, but when you read more, he was actually even more horrifying that what he gets credit for. Looking forward to this one.

  7. The belief that he is a "power" person by preying on only the weakest and most vulnerable, really emphasizes his delusion and narcissism.

  8. Some parents don’t do anything for their child or let them learn and as we talk about more and more crime on how these killers or however they did it. MORE WILL LEARN! As they learn THEY WILL GET SMARTER WITH THESE KILLS!! Like Movies, documentaries, or whatever people are putting in on social media.. the BRAIN 🧠 does bad things if you really think about it. Some people don’t have control over these things man 😱😬

  9. This case horrifies me to my core! Why I don't like clowns at all. The thumbnail alone made me nauseated.