CONSECRATION Official Trailer (2023) Horror Movie HD

After the alleged suicide of her priest brother, Grace travels to the remote Scottish convent where he fell to his death. Distrusting the Church’s account, she uncovers murder, sacrilege and a disturbing truth about herself.

CONSECRATION Official Trailer (2023) Horror Movie HD
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  1. who the fuvk is that woman who says PEEKABOO all the time!! damn thats terrifying!!! its pure genius!!!

  2. lame i will not be watching this pile of dog shit but i do like that guy from 30 days of night.

  3. I like the way they're demonstrating that nuns & priests are the most ones prone to evil temptations and they fight the devil all the time.

  4. If this bothers you… the Exorcist must trouble you too!!!! It’s a horror movie!!!!!!! Get over it, no one is questioning your faith it’s just a movie!!!! Geeez

  5. Its always the case and demons can enter a holy ground.. why we are not seeing similar plots in other religions aside from Our Holy GOD????? Producers need to get a life..

  6. Making nuns and churches creepy is turning the light on to what happens in a lot of religions especially Catholicism. There are horror stories in every religion. Hell most white churches pray to a white Jesus and think being racist is okay.

  7. im Catholic even went to Catholic grade school….we can all fly to ya know we just not allowed to show it

  8. IFC / Shutter spends more time on setup / drama and less on horror.

    Watch the Italian movie The Other Hell

  9. Making nuns and churches "creepy" is disrespectful. Obviously, this borrowed a lot of ideas from The Nun but I hope it doesn't become a trend.

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