“Complete Dissatisfaction with the Current Order”: Why Protests in Iran Are Not Slowing Down

Protesters in Iran are continuing to demand justice for Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in the hands of the so-called morality police, as well as envisioning a political future beyond the Islamic Republic. The Norway-based group Iran Human Rights estimates at least 154 people have been killed since the protests began. “We saw women, really, what it seemed like for the first time, putting their bodies in direct confrontation with the police,” says Nilo Tabrizy, writer and video journalist at The New York Times. “Today’s movement is not calling for reform. Today’s movement is calling for a new vision of politics … with women at the helm of it,” says Narges Bajoghli, professor of anthropology and Middle East studies at Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. Oh no not feminism in Iran is headed for trouble they be walking around in bikinis and tight pants immorality is coming.

  2. Part of the Iranian protests are community driven but a significant part is Western agitation by media and paid on the ground agitation by CIA. Ask yourself how many innocent Americans have been brutalised and killed every week by police and traffic controllers. The only example that caused a national uprising in the US was the filmed highly exposed deliberate slow strangling of George Floyd. Perhaps the USA should be the last country barring Israel, to criticise the Iranian system which clearly needs reform but not criticism from the most violent and repressive country in world history.

  3. I wonder why our president Biden and all of the media in our country were as happy as a lark when they thought that Saudi Arabia would give us more oil.
    Did we care that they kill and maim their women. Hell no.
    So Saudi women mean less than women in Iran?

  4. thanks for making the connection between women's rights in iran and the USA – and how conservative right wing religions will always (or so often) restrict the rights of women …

  5. I understand that it was a terrible crime, but if iranians overthrow the government there will be a very profound geopolitical problem. Think.

  6. Americans and Brits owe a lot to Iranian women re their massive constant meddling for oil thievery that has led to this mess. Please read on operation Ajax. Please read “ America’s secret engagement w Khomeini”. And “ the west’s role in shah’s overthrow”.

  7. Has that member of Swedish parliament ever protected killings of Yemen people by US allies? Has she ever protected killings of Palestinians by Israel? Has she protested killing of Shirin Abu Akleh?

  8. 1. The west should stop interfering in Iran and stop the sanctions. They only really affect working class ppl.

    2. The Iranian regime should stop imposing headscarves upon Iranian women and other non Persian customs

    3. The Iranian regime should stop stealing the wealth of the country

    4. The left in Europe should understand the Islamic Republic is one of the most anti left governments in history. In 1979 to 1981, they liquidated 1000s of socialists and communists.

    5. The left must understand Iran is a neo liberal hell hole

    In summary, NO to any US interference. Seperation of mosque and state. The end of theocratic rule in Iran. The end of the persecution of kurds, afgans, Arabs etc

    Long live the people of Iran 🌹

  9. There’s no restrictions of naming ethnic names in Iran. Your interviewee is either not knowing or lying.

  10. Hey it's like if you see any one beating up their girl-friend or wife or loved one and you don't react and at least try to protect the person getting hurt, while the wife-beater blames his brutal behaviour on the neighbors; which is why there is a non-partisan grass-roots conscious, progressive revolution that's been going on ever since the Islamization of Persia 1401 years ago; and now their time has come, because the totality of the population is over them. then passivity equals violence in this case; and this revolution has been dormant until now that massive population of the gen z are taking things over in their own hands; away with patriarchial rule of the doomed mullahs, and the beginning of a Persian Renaissance;

    And Persia is not a race, but a multiple of races, even before the golden rule of Cyrus the Achaemenid, the father of the Persian multi-racial and indigenous demographics that spans from Zoroastrian, Jewish, Manichaeist, Buddhist, Avestan, Mazdaic, Nestorian (Persian Church of Jesus Christ), Armenian, Kurd (the Median), Lor, Khorasan, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Mazandaran, Baluchi, Hamedan, Semnan, Afro-Iranian, Azeri, Samarcandi and Bukharai, Afghan, the Taoist, The Atheist, LGBTQ and and and.

    If you ever visit the Persepolis, you notice ancient remnants of Achaemenid iconography in cuneiform depicting Cyrus the Great, carried on a throne uplifted by all the many tribes of Persians; also known as Aryans, which in ancient persian, including modern persian, means: the holder of integrity, truthfulness, righteousness, tolerance, true nobility, not by birth but by merit; Aryans were mostly farming societies that lived by rivers. (Iran also means "the Land of Arya"; and In the Hindu Pantheon, Arya is also a title for the Elephant-headed God of great fortune and Love Ganesha; and at times, you'll hear in the Bhagavad Gita, how Arjuna addresses Krishna as "Oh, Arya".

    Why do you think the ayatollahs want to kill venerable Salman Rushdie so hard, it's because he exposes the history of their prophet and their own history to them so well; and he has fun exposing it, as the "Satanic Verses", based on a truthful account from their own hadith, that they themselves revere.

  11. Ali Khameni the founder of the Islamic Republic I think you mean Ruhollah Khomeni.

  12. Sorry whom you represent , those young kids that emotional situation by Mahsa , or does group that every body knows where they come from , those when occupying more then 50 present of university are not supposed . Your brain is supposed .

  13. Nila Tabrizy mentions a lot about what the protestors are doing but hasn't said anything about how the US is using this as a way of attacking the Iranian government.

  14. Great interview/journalism. With so much bravery from the girls/women and the Iranian men who oppose the morality police, let’s hope freedom and democracy is achieved for all to live happily in Iran. It’s shocking and heartbreaking for the current disharmony that we are seeing happen in Iran. ✌️

  15. This is the example of Western media damaging the right full struggle of Iranian women and men.
    Insisting on Mahsa being Kurdish while there is a real firefight at Iran / Iraq Kurdish border; making it a security issue.
    This is a lie that Mahsa's parents could not register the name: Zheenaa on her birth certificate.

    Did the Democracy Now do any report in this detail on Yemen children being Bombed to death by Saudis under American military advisors.?

    Thanks millions .

    Greetings from California

  16. Thank you so much Democracy Now for this report I have barely heard a word from cable news about these protests! All they care about is ratings and try to turn news into entertainment! Herschel Walker 24/7

  17. The representatives of the Islamic Republic regime of Iran should be immediately rejected from other countries as these individuals are the agents of an illegitimate Dictatorial regime.
    The Islamic Republic in Iran is an illegitimate regime. Three generations of Iranians do not recognise this government as their own due to the fact that these young people have never voted for this regime and its constitution.
    Khamenehei was not chosen or elected by the people of Iran.He is not an AyatAllah.He is a novice without the essential education,knowledge and qualities as he never attained the required criteria for this role.
    There is no such thing as Rahbar( Supreme leader) in the Islamic jurisprudence and this notion is a fabrication by Khomani who also was not a qualified or elected leader.

  18. Support the Protestors with necessary Protection and Tools ✨🙏🌈 Women Life and Freedom ✨🌍⭐

  19. Isn't it a question mark that you give such a vast time to cover this protest while the world is burning with many other much more serious problesm?? good by

  20. The official population of Iran is 86,758,304. If 100,000 people are participating in these riots from different cities that makes it less than 0.001% of the population. So for the majority of Iranian women/people, Hejab is not an issue, and just like in the U.S. abortion is not an issue for the majority of Americans. There are more important issues for Iranian people such as jobs, food, housing…etc. to be worried about and demonstrate for, without burning banks, ambulances or trash bins for their demands. I'm very disappointed from Democracy Now for becoming another main media TV channel by broadcasting bias news without a comprehensive due diligence.

  21. Love & Full support from U.S.A👍🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️👍

  22. Another great interview, from a regular Tucker viewer but remember Tiananmen square. They will arrest you and throw you in prison forever, if you push your luck. BEWARE

  23. The female version of Walter Concrite excellent news reporting along with her co workers if u have not been presented with an award 🥇

  24. Thank you, Ms. Goodman and team for this great coverage of this historic event. This revolution will have significant global consequences down the road. This movement will reverse the global Islamic Terrorism that was set in motion by Khomeini and his Islamic Republic in 1979.

  25. God bless the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and peace and prosperity something they will never get with the islamo nazi mullahs.

  26. The more islamic a country is the more backward primitive and oppressive it is, eg iran iraq afghanistan pakistan bangladesh syria indonesia, all basket cases thanks to islam

  27. This is Nothing but " wag the dog", another Contras criminal gang! Why there is fire and destruction wherever these rioters gather? Why don't you show the burning bodies of policemen( stoning to death, ISIS-style by rioters? Why the border city of Oshnavieh was occupied by heavily armed Kurdish Rebels?
    I thought this was about the death of an innocent young girl and the archaic " morality police".
    The " Unveiling project" of the founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty and the "veiling" of the present government are doomed to fail. The majority of Iranian women, however, will wear headcovers regardless of what the government(s) preaches. These events however smell like a coup. Saudi Arabian TV announced today that there are riots in 51 of 52 Iranian states! Well, we at least earned 20 extra states( Iran has 31 provinces) because of these riots!

  28. Generation Z from around the world, keep up with developments in Iran. Iranian women are a very fine example of what generation Z males and females should be doing worldwide.

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