1. 95 percent of these idiots making movies with guns are the first ones to tell us to give up our 2nd amendment rights…. Bunch of hypocrites…. Fu Hollywood weirdos

  2. According to critics Eks vs Sever was bad. I still liked that movie. Im pretty damn sure im gonna like this one too.
    Why? Cuz theres Antonio Banderas in both these movies.

  3. They should rename all the movies going forward as " The greatest female action movie because all men suck chapter: " Go Woke Go Broke.

  4. With Tommy Flanagan in the movie, I almost expected to hear the line from Snatch, "…be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm."

  5. So good to see Antonio Bandares still smashing out a role like this. Will definitely go watch this at the movies.

  6. Another one about 2 "strong "women"" killing hundreds of trained, skilled, twice-the-size-and-strength men.
    Banderas is there just for comical relieve. I bet he dies.

  7. I'm definitively NOT watching this. All these movies follow the same pattern. 2-3 against a batallion, and they win… GEESH!

  8. I see a lot of guns and mass shootings but somehow Hollywood and the gaming industry don’t get any blow back fir all the teen shooters in society nowadays

  9. I love Tommy Flanagan. I don't know if this is his first lead as the heavy, but if it is, it's about effing time.

  10. Im already a sucker for these movies so why do you have the need to show the entire film in the trailer is beyond me…

  11. Watch assassins with Banderas and Stallone, it's a classic. Also written by the wachowskis of matrix fame

  12. Please stop making unrealistic woke movies where women can beat everyman on Earth. Fake as fuck

  13. Seen it and it was a major wast of time 🥱🥱🙄🙄🥱🥱👎👎👎👎👎👎

  14. Goody, another shoot just to be shooting "action" movie, so much for the fight against mass school shootings!

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