COBRAI KAI Season 6 "Final Season" Teaser (2023)

The end is near…

COBRAI KAI Season 6 “Final Season” Announcement Trailer (2023)
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  1. Dutch should come back and take Cobra Kai and take the final fight to Johnny and Daniel

  2. I am SOOOO gonna miss everyone that makes #COBRAKAI the fantastic show that it is! I really appreciate every thing everyone has put in to the making of this show. William Zabka is definitely going to be missed because he was sooo great with his part and the laughter he brought to his character is something that wi truly be missed. Love EVERYONE in the show and it will be greatly missed and forever loved!

  3. If I’m being honest, this trailer kinda disappointed me. There is nothing new and it’s all clips from the past seasons. Really hope they release another with more information

  4. Do you really think this is last season of cobra Kai 😜 🐍 cobra kai never dies 🐍

  5. The original actors are getting old the kids are tired of doing cobra Kai so it’s time to move on. I’m going to be sad to see it go.

  6. I think the right time for Dre Parker, Cheng, and Mr Hahn to show up would be in the worldwide tournament

  7. There are so many things that should happen in Season 6 including: Sam, Tory (especially her being a Miyagi-Fang member), & Devon (on Miyagi-Fang's side again) training together, more Johnny, Chozen, and Mike together, all the teen couples together, and many more!!

  8. Super hyped and stoked for this! It's really been a long ride! I loved the friendships of the characters of team Miyagi-Fang; especially, Johnny, Daniel, Chozen; Miguel, Hawk, and Robby!

  9. I am sad and Angry because Hayden Schlossberg said they could go past season 6 but looks like that's out the window plus looks like they aren't gonna introduce julie pierce in Cobra kai. And i want to see Kim Da-Eun to fight the adults. I hope they end it in style and a good ending. I hope there's more than 10 episodes and Robby deserves to win the sekai taikai tournament.

  10. I can't stop watching no matter how cornball this show gets. I guess this is how women feel about silly soap operas. 😂

  11. After watching Cobra Kai I started to have a crush on Peyton List and Mary Mouser

  12. Season 6 is gonna be lit. Praying we get my most anticipated cameo, Freddy fernandez, and he plays football with Daniel

  13. I’m so glad it won’t be some on going story which eventually ruins everything but it’s ending on a banger can’t wait for this final season the world karate tournament

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