Climate Strike: Mikaela Loach on How Capitalism, Colonialism & Imperialism Fuel Climate Crisis

Climate activists, led by Fridays for Future, are holding a global climate strike today to pressure world leaders to do more to address the crisis. We speak to Mikaela Loach, who has helped lead the fight against developing the Cambo oil field off the coast of Scotland and who describes the importance of seeing antiracism and climate activism as linked. “We’re in this crisis because fossil fuels and nature have been completely extracted and destroyed to make profit and to continue expansion of economies, in the Global North in particular,” says Loach.

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  1. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $6,000 and now earning over $57,000….

  2. I completely agree with Mikaela, capitalism make ending our addiction to fossil fuels extremely difficult to end, as people must travel great distances to go to work, to earn a living to pay whatever, buy food, everything is related to capitalism, money is very corrupting, people are addicted to wealth and power, and their high standard of living, and people living in poverty struggle to survive, so they’ll do anything necessary to raise themselves out of poverty, it all related to capitalism etc..people can’t afford to change…

  3. Are you nuts? We kinda have a thing going on in Europe, and, while I fully support moving to clean energy and other technological advancements, we're gonna burn whatever we can until we deal with the horde.

  4. She doesnt speak for us all, if u all wanna live in a socialist collectivist paradise then go there

  5. Billionaires are definitely a problem to climate chaos and the oppressors of the working class. Bright young woman.

  6. We cannot stop climate change. We have reached the end of man’s life on earth. Denial will not halt the inevitable. Only Love will take us home.
    Rev Dr Ray

  7. Trifecta on victimization meanwhile… for media hubris but when a stadium, 5,000 – 50 000 hispanics, call & chant 20 year old, Vinicius Jr, Afro Brazilian athelete a monkey it's not headline news. UEFA & Fifa does Nothing!!!

  8. Demographics on those recruits? They aren't going to be doubled, for they're not going to Afghanistan. Maybe they're just going straight to the slaughter…. Remember "Cold Mountain"?? When men leave for war, it's the women whom remain at home, with a bunch of crazy dudes.

  9. Either we sweep away capitalism and begin to tear down the for profit structure, replace it with a people and planet first system – or we'll be crushed and burned by the current system. Socialism or extinction.

  10. Thanks Mikaelah! Jamaica always promote change through music food art and it's voices! One love, one heart…🎶🎵🎶📚

  11. It's like in the book The Hundredth Monkey. When enough people are made aware of the issues and the awakening level tips in the right direction then things will change. Keep up the telling Truth to Power and it will happen.

  12. Hey Democracy Now, it would be well to announce the climate strike the day before instead of the day of. Maybe even a week before so people can prepare, the day of is totally a day late and a dollar short. I'd have struck had I known ahead of time.

  13. We still believe climate change has to do with MAN playing overtime with mother nature!!! Man has destroyed the earth before ..!!!

  14. It’s not the systems it’s corruption, but hey does everyone act like Corruption is not the damnation of all.
    Systems work great if there’s no corruption.

  15. If ppl on their salaries could buy fuel efficient cars against the profit of oil companies, if we had rapid transit with electric trains again against the profit of oil companies if we could end perpetual war by The MIC, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, we could all benefit from this tech information explosion, but instead we have looming catastrophe and depopulation looking forward so that a handful of idiots who don’t want to change anything, who think they sit at the right hand of a mythological father can be wildly wealthy and oblivious to their own responsibilities. Who cause nothing but churn in education, religion, liberty, and health. Question, who left the the socioeconomic psychopaths in charge, well it was you and me!

  16. Can all in left YT please start educating people about both: (1) the difference between right-authoritarian vs. right-libertarian; & (2) the difference between left-authoritarian vs left-libertarian? It’s long overdue. People aren’t cattle or sheep: They will understand if we educate them.
    Though we need to educate (& learn) about all the nuance.

  17. EPSILONS are now the ruling political elites & "ELITES" created to destroy what they believe they are saving.😥

    Climate Strike: Mikaela Loach on How Capitalism, Colonialism & Imperiali…

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