"Ciao Papa" Official Lyric Video | Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio | Netflix

Sing along to “Ciao Papa” from GUILLERMO DEL TORO’s PINOCCHIO. From the mind of Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and award-winning stop-motion legend Mark Gustafson, GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S PINOCCHIO is a story you think you may know… but you don’t. In select theaters November and on Netflix December 9.

“Ciao Papa”
Performed by Gregory Mann
Music by Alexandre Desplat
Lyrics by Roeban Katz, Guillermo Del Toro

Stream the soundtrack: https://gdtpinocchio.lnk.to/Listen

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“Ciao Papa” Official Lyric Video | Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio | Netflix

Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro reinvents the classic story of a wooden puppet brought to life in this stunning stop-motion musical tale.



  1. When i listen to this song i feel to cry because though i had lost my father 18years back he is still with me not physically but he became a ghost and some indian they call it 'andh shraddha' and by listening to this song i feel his presence more though invisible.

  2. I don’t get emotional with movies. But especially this scene/song choked me up especially when Candlewick is drafted into military and him getting his moms scarf

  3. This movie really got under my skin. My father and I had a lot of trouble communicating; he died on the heels of a heated moment so I have a lot of feelings about our relationship. I appreciate the care put into telling the story on top of the visual and audio artistry. This is a really special film!

  4. 1:32 this frame here is so powerful that it can be a painting. Here we get a lonely geppetto obviously heartbroken walking alone in the rain then to our right we see a bunch of posters of fascism then under a picture of Mussolini bearly visible we see a happy Pinocchio and he has to move the poster of Mussolini out of the way to see his son. These few frames are so meaningful i cant help but stare The message tells me you have to move hate out of the way and accept love God this is so beatiful

  5. when he finally said "pinocchio my son" i was crying like a baby hits a man hard acceptance from your father has to be expressed consistently for boys. The relationship with our fathers is so crucial in life. after i saw this i instantly called my papa

  6. This song is just fitting to me and my papa too
    Altho instead of me leaving, he is the one leaving for an overseas job
    But next month he'll be home and I am excited
    Before he left I was 17 and now I am 18 and next month will be 19 and he is able to attend at my birthday
    I am so happy to see him again

  7. We don’t need this movie to win any awards for us to know it’s probably the best animated movie of the year, and that’s all that matters.

  8. Mi twins 8 yo are autistic one approach to me and start to sing that song it was one of the best moments in my life I will sing this with him all the time he ask me

  9. I have watched this movie three times. It's really worth appreciating. It reminds me of the dribs and drabs of my childhood.

  10. Before this film, I never heard of Gregory Mann. After this film, I very much look forward to see what he does next

  11. Versão brasileira 🇧🇷
    Tchau papa
    Mio papa
    Hoje eu vou me despedir
    Pra onde eu vou? Como eu vou? Onde é?
    Eu não sei, não decidi
    Se eu demorar pra voltar pra cá
    Algo brilhante eu vou levar
    Um passarinho a cantar
    Oito conchinhas lá do mar
    Todo aroma que há no pão
    O meu papai meu coração
    Adeus meu papa

    Mio papa ,hoje eu vou me despedir
    hoje eu vou, eu já vou, vou a pé, i eu vou me divertir.
    Vou demorar pra voltar pra cá
    Muitas montanhas pra escalar
    Ver se o camelo irá chorar
    Ver um pirata atacar
    Mais eu prometo me lembrar do meu papai a me esperar
    Adeus meu papa

    E por mais que eu tarde pra voltar
    Tenho memórias pra me agarrar
    Se o olho resolver aguar
    e der vontade de chorar
    Prometo que eu vou me lembrar do meu papa a me esperar
    Adeus meu papa

  12. How this lost to Naacho Naacho for the Golden Globe for best original song is completely baffling and just wrong.

  13. Before this song, I had thought this was a decent, pretty good movie thus far, and an intriguing take on the character.

    This song is when the movie instantly made me break down crying, wanting all the main characters to be okay because their well-being was important to mine, and when this became a work of art which meant everything to me.

  14. Who knew the horror mastermind of Guillermo Del Toro could create such a beautiful gem.. such as this

  15. This song is emotional to hear it just pierces your heart felt some indian ness ciao papa

  16. From the first syllable this song reduces me to nothing. It truly breaks trough all the barriers i have created during my life to protect myself from harm. It cuts trough all of it like butter and makes me want to weep. I of course will oblige.

  17. Beautiful, this movie made me cry because it's pure heart and it really shows. Amazing movie.🌺

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