CHUCKY Season 2 Trailer (2022) Comic Con

Comic Con teaser for season 2 of Chucky

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  1. Chucky is one of my favorite franchises! All 7 movies (meh, I could’ve done without Seed of Chucky) are great and move the story very well. I loved what they did with 6 & 7, then continued it in this show. And the show itself is brilliant. Don Mancini is amazing! And Brad & Fiona Dourif give me chills every time! 💛💛

  2. So glad CHUCKY is back for a second season! They're doing his murderess rage right! Love the main character's progression exploring growing up experiences and pains and what is means to be human and hope it continues. It's because of that fact I'm watching. BRAVO!

  3. they are leaning into this series so hard lol adding Tiffany was smart but I am actually surprised they are bringing in Glen and Glenda also let's be real saying his typical line except switching it to "Wanna Pray?" to a Nun is brilliant.

  4. Insulting religion, g*y propaganda. This people slowly reaching to the farrest door from God.

  5. Is it bad to just get a horror show about Chucky that hasn't to do anything with a agenda.

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