1. someone knows this music ? I 'm try to find but isn't on original soundtrack.

  2. i thought it was going to be a B movie. but it was better than i expected. it's nothing ground breaking, but the acting is decent and it's worth a watch on a free weekend.

  3. This movie seems really unrealistic. The corporation would actually be looking to exploit the population as much as possible until everyone is dead. There is no way a CEO would be anything but be a scum sucking plague.

  4. This is what happens when people like Bill Gates tell us not to put Co2 in the atmosphere…lol

  5. Movie could be alright, but bad script, godaweful actors, imagine taking everything you hate from all the worst actors you know, now shove this into the most unlikable person you can think of, and there you have it, your protagonist.

  6. Okay, just because your career is writing doesn't mean that you don't have to study some type of science. I mean oxygen sickness, really? Oxygen is oxygen synthetic or not the human body will not reject it. How can people catch themselves on fire in protest in an environment that doesn't have enough oxygen to sustain life? If there is no plant life what exactly are they eating…..each other? And the future wants to save the world so they call a welder with no experience or science background except for you know his dad was a scientist. Either they're stupid or they think we're stupid. This movie is a no, like a gigantic no.

  7. For this project, either find the big budget and make it epic OR keep it low budget with low budget look and feel. This movie is low budget trying to look high budget. It creates a jarring sensation throughout the entire film. Would not recommend. Try again.

  8. I liked it. I watched it to see movie about someone going to the future to help and change things. That's what the movie did. It delivered. Good effects👍

  9. I really enjoyed this movie. I've watched a lo of Sci-fi in my 55 years of life! There's a reason the 'scrawny' kid is the one to save humanity. So watch it right the end.

  10. Feels like they just took a bunch of themes from Horizon Zero Dawn. Hollywood trying to copy video games. Nothing new.

  11. This movie should of, could of been been better. It's a bit weak in acting and script. The way we're turning this world into a dust bowl it should of been better.

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