Christmas in Paradise (2022) Official Trailer – Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley

Christmas in Paradise – Watch The Trailer Now! In select theaters, on digital, and on demand. Starring Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, Billy Ray Cyrus, Nathalie Cox, Naomi Frederick, Ray Fearon, Victoria Ekanoye, Anna Greenidge, Lauren Mckennan, Vaughn Anslyn, and Rafael Emmanuel Martinez.

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Joanna’s (Elizabeth Hurley) plans for a quiet, cozy holiday season are shattered when her sisters call with the news that their dad, James (Kelsey Grammer), has been dumped by his fiancée and isn’t responding to any calls after disappearing to the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis. The sisters decide to go to the island to save their father and bring him home for Christmas. Upon their arrival, they discover that James is actually living his best life: hanging out at beach bars, playing music with his famous friend Jimmy, living in a charming resort, and doing yoga on the beach with a beautiful instructor. Will the sisters’ chaotic arrival shatter James’s newfound peace? Can the newly reconnected Christmas family survive a crazy Christmas?

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  1. 3 entitled stuck up women who were raised with a silver spoon up their a$$ think their father is crazy and a moron and go on a ''rescue'' mission.
    If it smells woke,looks woke,and walks woke….it is woke.
    Hard pass,those 3 biatches can go fk themselves and cram this woke crap down someones else throat.

  2. This has a early 2000s corniness yet sincerity to it. Where's the trailer voice guy at? THIS CHRISTMAS DAD COMES HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS

  3. Casting is hysterically comical. Elizabeth Hurley is like five years younger than Kelsey Grammer and playing his daughter😂 Who does she think she’s kidding?

  4. Grammar has a transatlantic accent, between English and American. He swings to a fully English one well but sometimes not quite.

  5. At least Lionsgate is capable of putting out some decent movies. I guess 30% good is better than nothing. Now if only the other 70% got tossed and fall in line with the 30%.

  6. So Sideshow Bob spent a few weeks on island and they paid him for it. Nice exuse for making of a shitty holiday movie.

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