1. Uhm, Marie Antoinette? Understand she had a tragic end. Interesting how this 'Knight' would survive with his secret and talent 🙂

  2. I've heard of this man; I just forgot his name! From the age of about 12, he was the top violinist in Europe. I should be sure to see this film… 🙂

  3. This film better have more than one fencing scene. He was after all one of the very best fencers of his time. I hope they gave this fact depiction it deserves.

  4. actually I was wondering….The Chevalier was black, why didn't he stayed in Africa???why come to the whiteman's land and prove a point???And, he was married to a black women….I wonder why hollywood is mixing interracial romance in a drama which is btw partially true…..Oh well, that's hollywood……And please, stop making movies about poor black people…….There are other races who need equal attention!!!!

  5. Well Mozart! Was black too!! How about that!!! Before the 16th hundreds europe had many black kings and queen’s!! Matterfact having black blood means to have blue blood!!

  6. Wow!… not everything is about you people!! What a way to draw me into the theater for this important film…. True untold history is a mutha!!…. I’m there✊🏿😎👍

  7. So they made this movie to remind us of this virtuous musician… and then they COMPLETELY omit his real name? Joseph Bologne it was. Shame on you, Searchlight.

  8. This the kind of shit why there will be a red wave tomorrow. Constantly virtue signaling and changing history.

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