Charles III swears oath in historic televised proclamation ceremony @BBC News – BBC

Charles III swore an oath as he was proclaimed as King at a ceremony at St James’s Palace.

Charles became king immediately following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, but a historic meeting formally confirmed his role on Saturday.

The Accession Council, a body made up of senior politicians, judges and officials, proclaimed him as the monarch in the State Apartments.

It is the first time the historic ceremony has been televised.

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  1. El Imperialismo no merece ningún respeto. Detrás de toda esa modosería se ocultan crímenes, barbarie, tortura, genocidio. Repudiable !!!

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  3. The poor UK. First they had this whole dust up with their prime ministers. Then they deal with inflation and a weakening economy. Then their leaders start warning them they are going to have an energy crisis in the winter because they’re politicians sold out their own people. And now they lose their Queen. All of this can’t be great for their morale.

  4. I still haven’t fully comprehend that the UK is still a kingdom. May the Queen rest in the Kingdom of God and may He bless the King with the strength and wisdom to rule the UK and the Commonwealth.
    Kind regards from the US.

  5. God save the King. Wonderful speech. He has a very good speaking tone and tempo, even in his grief. That last part about upholding the church should probably be taken out someday. We all know it's code for colonization.

  6. On every BBC broadcast the commentators are saying how wrong the people were because everyone seems to like King Charles and Queen Camilla. Are these clowns joking. The BBC are the biggest woke joke haters of the Monarchy. Along with the liberal media all over the world. Now the BBC is lecturing US the people.
    Wake up all of you out there.
    The biggest race bating Royal haters are the BBC
    The Australian media and yes, the media in this America.
    Shame on all you feckless reporters.
    RIP Queen E
    Long live the king

  7. I imagine it would be totally nerve wracking to suddenly become king, especially so shortly after the tragedy of both your parents passing so suddenly. He manages to be so eloquent and poised and well constituted despite such sudden loss.

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  10. This dude probably has a few years left, yet he's your leader? What are first-world governments doing electing officials that are senile, frail and about to kick it?

  11. Anyone knows what the small blue book is he is holding when he takes that oath at the end? Is it a ceremonial object?

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  14. And may we never forget the history that took place while she reigned. Oops, let’s not let reality spoil the show.

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