1. dude this trailer makes this look sooo boring XD like what happens what is this about ? seemed like a horror movie then it’s like nah it’s about a girl who moves into a poppy neighbor hood and meets a nice man that motivates her ? wowza..

  2. Haunting. Thought provoking.
    Evocative of the sadness of life being life being very different and better before new experiences.
    Slightly depressing theme. Not one I will choose to watch in an already at times, very sad world.
    More Marvel movies needed immediately!!!! Come on Feige let's get Secret Wars going!!! lets party like it's 2025!!!

  3. This could be a good movie? Maybe? But the trailer doesn’t tell us anything about it.

  4. When the trailer gives too much, we complain. When the trailer gives too little, we complain. When the trailer is perfect, gets out attention, tells us enough, but leaves us in suspense, wanting more, where more will be given once we watch the film, we complain.

  5. If you don't know the plot it's about a guy and girl meeting on a park bench and finally live their dream of being the first two alone at the local public pool.

  6. Didn't Jennifer Lawrence sleep with Harvey Weinstein a bunch of times?
    We don't need to see her on the screen anymore

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