CAUSEWAY Trailer 2 (2022) Jennifer Lawrence

CAUSEWAY Trailer 2 (2022) Jennifer Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry, A24, Drama Movie HD
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  1. damn this actually looks like it's got depth, realism and ain't too woke.. could this be a 21st c. Red and Dufresne??

  2. JLs laughter is one of the most spontaneous and natural. It can make a day. Love this actress for beautiful acting.

  3. Jennifer will go down in history of one of the greatest actors. I only wish that Red Sparrow had been been scripted by someone who actually read the novel, as it turned out to be total trash, and not the tribute it could have been to her acting skills.

  4. Is this one of those movies where the magical black character helps the damaged white character improve her life?

  5. I can't help but click on videos with her in them. She's absolutely stunningly beautiful.

  6. good to see a character transcend being used by a casting director to make this lukewarm pile

  7. "ANOTHER action adventure movie with Jennifer Lawrence??? OH MY GOD!!! I wish she would change it up a bit & star in a slow, boring flick again." —Sarcasm

  8. Looking forward to seeing this movie tomorrow 👌

    Edit: It was a somber, slow but very great film.
    Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry's performances were gold as well.

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