1. THIS is a J-Law film??! Am shocked & intrigued at the same time! Not even distracted so much by the milk-jugs she's lugging. J-Law film?? Huh…

  2. I guess they really said let’s not show the whole movie in 3min but damn at least give me an idea wtf going on lol a little clue please smh

  3. Only watched so I know what the name is so I don’t pay to watch this. She has nightmares about conservatives but blew Harvey Weinstein for her “career” as a pretender

  4. Im gonna piss myself. Theres another hunger games movie coming out with the girl from Euphoria

  5. The story follows Lynsey (Lawrence), a soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury while deployed in Afghanistan and struggles to adjust to life back home.

  6. That scene where she's freaking out in the car looks exactly like those supercuts of Libtards doing the same thing.

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