“Carbon Billionaires”: Oxfam Calls for Taxing Rich Who Profit from Emissions Fueling Climate Crisis

A new Oxfam analysis finds the investments of the world’s richest people are emitting 3 million tons a year — more than a million times the average person’s output. The report, titled “Carbon Billionaires,” suggests a wealth tax could help fund urgent climate action in developing countries. The analysis shows “how much power and control a few people have over our economic system and, beyond that, our way of life, our survival as humanity,” says Ashfaq Khalfan, climate justice director at Oxfam America. Khalfan also responds to U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s new carbon offset proposal, which he calls a “distraction” that will delay action on public financing of climate action.

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  1. Wish DemNow would interview Scott Ritter – marine intelligence officer & UN weapons inspector – 2 disabuse Amy's Ukraine war misconceptions

  2. Wind and solar won't help everybody! Are we going to let some people die and others live???


  4. Billionaires are a human rights violation, along with an ecological catastrophe. Full stop: we should have a DEFCON rating to chart wealth inequity and private property hoarding, along with an agency/autonomy/privacy/consent meter. But we never chart the data that actually matters..

  5. Limit per capita carbon so the wealthy are obliged to pay the poor for their unused carbon credit.

  6. The carbon emissions pollution started when the Europeans invaders shootings (gun fires, bombings etc) millions of people around the world… !!! 😡

  7. Don't tax them for heavens sake. Fine them out of existence. Tax redemption legitimates a business. Governments that issue their own currency by fiat do not use tax receipts for spending, they're just marking down bank accounts. Tax revenue does not have any impact on a government's capacity to mark up someone else's bank account, they just need votes in Parliament to authorise.

  8. Tax them and have them pay for reparations for their damage to the planet. Notice how these "climate conscious" billionaires never suggest they should do that.

  9. They could build Edison generator and dynamos power plants to move their yachts and airplanes and helicopters. They could be zero fuel and zero pollution travelers who contribute to zero fuel desalination plants and zero fuel water pumping.

  10. It is not necessary to use fossil fuels for transportation and electric power. The Edison generator and dynamos technology can replace most of the uses of fossil fuels for transportation or electric power generation.

  11. With all this crisis happening around the world one needs to have different portfolio,I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable.

  12. But a the countries have to vomit to the taxes so they do t run to another coentry.

  13. You can be guaranteed all the carbon billionaires are all members of the WEF, you know the people that say WE the working class have to account for all the damage done! Complete Hypocrisy!

  14. I don't trust this channel is gone to far left. The Reason he dose not reveal the names is because they own this channel 😉

  15. BlackRock. The company that owns EVERYTHING. Walmart. Coca-Cola. Exxon. Amazon. Moderna. This is "news" for those who were left behind by the information age in 2001.

  16. Tax them and their carbon emissions. Carbon credits should all be paid to developing nations which were raped by colonialists and didn't get their shot at using fossil fuels to build their economies.

  17. I wouldn’t be worried about this crap we are on the brink of nuclear war because of Biden.

  18. Changing the tax code is another way we could also downsize the monopolies. Tax and tariff them more than single product business. Give a big tax cut to single product businesses that have three factories or less and Retail businesses that have less than 6 chain stores, though they can co own warehouses with other businesses without a tax. Tax owning more than three factories x number of additional factories. Heavily tax buying a business if the person or organization already owns one or holds majority stock in another company. Heavily tax closing a business the individual or org did not personally start if they own one other business or majority stock in another business. Heavily tax owning majority stock in more than one company x number of companies they own majority stock in. Give a big tax cut for selling a single business to a single buyer & a bigger tax cut if they sell to a Cooperative group on a payment plan. Add a tax to tariffs that compounds by number of companies included in a single shipment if a single entity owns them all. Give a big discount if separate companies & Cooperatives that are not owned or managed by the same entity ship together.

  19. Maybe we can add a perk for investing in clean companies but not the faux clean like ESG rankings that out Exxon at a high score but for actually investing in progress/climate health while taxing at 50%++++ the investments in the climate destroying investments by removing the capital tax gains loop holes the wealthiest enjoy now

    If Davos men don’t wanna sacrifice we can financially rug pull the largest companies by a full out strike of services goods & or pulling from any bank who is contributing to the death of the planet like JP Morgan Chase to Blackrock

  20. One BIG solution is to stop producing so much non-biodegradable junk products! There are a million cheap plastic products: millions/billions of unnecessary new cell phones, laptops, cheap toys and household products, plastic food containers, being manufactured constantly and polluting the earth. Stop making crap! The corporations keep pushing and seducing people to buy more. They are the problem! And we don't need to buy the junk either.

  21. now that the GOP invited the oil dictators to buy our elections (& twitter) they should b the ones 2 pay the bills for a while cuz the blue counties r tired of them holding us back from progress & prosperity so is the world – we could've long ago transformed how we handle the biggest contributors 2 climate change if the gOP & their voters didn't worship them over the planet

  22. do some find themselves 'rad', for profiting from fuel emission.. or are they just 'stubborn' deniers..

  23. This is all about creating hate. We are being triggered to hate, based on (CO2) It is not about emissions, it is about triggering you and me to hate. That is what the voice of Oxfam has become. Social shaping to incite hate. If you send them money, send them a letter, before it is too late.

    The numbers are the emission from factories owned by billionaires. Yes more taxes need to be paid. Yes better emissions need to be (somehow) achieved, but what is the message? The message is envy and hate. Grab your pitchforks and protest! What are you protesting? The fact that money buys factories, and the meme report writer does not have a job in a factory.

    Seriously Oxfam. You are putting on a mask of hate. Stop it.

  24. We should be sending all of our natural gas to China in order to halt their massive build out of coal mines. China and India are switching massively to natural gas over coal and diesel fuel, and this switch represents some of the largest savings in carbon emissions in history, especially China. So, should Chienere Gas be taxed or be given resources to help China stop unspeakable increases in coal use?

  25. The joint, ass’s elbows cell block percentage points 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁extra frosting mommy 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕lick duh spoon boyeeee

  26. Whom Can We Trust If No One Is Trustworthy?
    One of my favorite quips from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is when Tom is defined as “a glittering hero…the pet of the old, the envy of the young,” and there were “some that believed that he would be President, yet, if he escaped hanging.” With these few words, Twain captured the essence of leadership in our world. Those who get to the top are the fiercest, most determined, and most ruthless. Today, the latter quality has become so intense that we can no longer believe our leaders, and certainly not trust them to have our best interest in mind.
    I am not accusing any leader in particular, or even leaders as a whole. It is simply that in an egoistic world, where people vie to topple one another on their way to the top, the one at the top is clearly the one who trampled over and knocked down more people than anyone else. Concisely, to get to the top in an egoistic world you have to be the biggest egoist.
    So how do we know whom to trust? We don’t know and we cannot know. All we know is that we are in the dark.
    In a culture of unhinged selfishness, any conspiracy theory seems reasonable, while truth is nowhere to be found. When every person who says or writes something is trying to promote some hidden agenda, you have no way of knowing who is right, what really happened, or if anything happened at all.
    The only way to get some clarity in the news and goodwill from our leaders is to say “Enough!” to our current system and build something entirely independent. The guiding principle of such a system should be “information only,” no commentary. Commentary means that information has already been skewed. Information means saying only what happened, as much as possible, not why, and not who is to blame and who we should praise.
    Concurrently, we must begin a comprehensive process of self-teaching. We have to know not only what is happening, but why we skew and distort everything. In other words, we have to know about human nature and how it inherently presents matters according to its own subjective view, which caters to one’s own interest. To “clear” ourselves from that deformity, we must learn how to rise above our personal interest and develop an equally favorable attitude toward others. This is our only guarantee that our interpretation of things will be even and correct.
    Once we achieve such an attitude, we will discover that the bad things we see in our world reflect our own, internal wickedness. Our ill-will toward others creates a world where ill-will governs, and so the world is filled with wickedness and cruelty. Therefore, all we need in order to create positive leadership—and to generally eliminate ill-will from the world—is to generate goodwill within us. When we nurture goodwill toward others, we will fill the world with goodwill. As a result, the world will fill with kindness and compassion. By changing ourselves, we will create a world that is opposite from the world we have created through our desires to govern, patronize, and often destroy other people.

  27. It will never happen.
    Imagine if most Billionaires actually paid three million times in taxes. Even the ones who have billions in crypto currencies.

  28. gotta say watching rex tillerson doing the arab sword dance with the arab oil mongers is ridiculously hilarious

  29. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." —Eleanor Roosevelt

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