CAPTAIN AMERICA 4: New World Order (2024) Movie Preview

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A sequel to Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and follows Sam Wilson as the new Captain America.

00:00 Captain America 4: New World Order
00:35 Timeframe: New World Order
01:05 Story Of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”
02:12 Cast
02:33 Captain America
03:05 Cap’s Supporters
04:13 The Villain
05:26 No longer Included
06:02 Rumors
06:26 Production
07:07 Possible Captain America 4 Plot

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  1. Don't think it will be the same without the super human Steve Rogers, to me Sam Wilson was just captain America side kick , its like having Robin taking over as Batman its just not the same. I am not enjoying any of the new MCU stuff lately

  2. New world order…
    What an apt name for a movie with all the crap going on behind the scenes in the world..
    Conditioning title…

  3. When they placed the shield in the glass it the star was turned into a pentagram. Should tell u alot about who controls all

  4. One thing I thought that they will do is to do a prequel where Steve Rogers that went back in time would be on a mission as the US agent. If you remember in Black widow, Red guardian kept on telling stories of him fighting Captain America. I thought that they had plans for that. One of the questions would be in for the new Captain America movie is that all they going to try to create some kind of weapon. Like the molecular wand, a dimensional portal, Technovore, some gamma warriors, or something else?

  5. Though I really like Sam but somehow everything has become so mediocre and mere content. It's all far away from being exciting. I guess it's all the disneyfication of MCU.

  6. It's trailers that I want to see. I can make up my mind by myself. I don't need commentaries.

  7. Now marvel is joke for our generation,may be new generation will like this new form of marvel,but for us it's over with endgame.
    Even thor 4 was shit .
    Good bye marvel

  8. Well, I am not excited. I will wait for it to come out & see what the reviews are like. I may give it a miss, but if it tells a good story, rather than preaching, then I may go see it.

  9. No Steve Rogers means no Captain America. This movie is going to be straight up disaster

  10. He’s not a super soldier and will never be Captain America. Any low grade powered villain will break his neck.

  11. Tobey Maguire Is Coming Back As Spider Man But Chris Evans Is Not Coming Back Because He Retired And Robert Downey Jr Is Not Coming Back Because He Retired, Tom Cruise will be the new Iron Man

  12. If they would follow the true timeline this is when John Walker kills every hero and mutant except hulk and wolverine. Which leads us to planet hulk and one of the greatest fight The Hulk vs Wolverine. They set it up perfectly and I guarantee they won’t do it. Also Steve Rodgers is an old man during this time and the hulk kills wolverines son.

  13. I’m still lost in Phase 5. Too many characters involved and the shows are too much for my brain to take haha

  14. WOW……. black American and African American … describe two peoples of the same race in the same movie …..WELL DONE YOU

  15. They should just let this character die already let it rest in peace ,..Not even the stronger avenger out of all of them

  16. 2012-2019 was such a legendary time for marvel.. I honestly can't even keep up with all these new shows it just doesn't feel the same 😟


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  20. Everyone talking about Phase 6 of the MCU and I'm still tryna figure out when we had a Phase 5

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