1. Weird that Kate Mara is the thumbnail and it appears she may have the smallest part in this movie…

  2. This movie is so important right now.
    Good luck for all of you in the U.S. keep fighting.

  3. I'm sure most women who kill their unborn babies do so because of these sort of reasons touched upon in this little film and totally not just because they feel like it so they can keep on having a shit mentality and lifestyle as if that is what should take priority. Oh and keep on being morons, wokesters; it's always funny to read your so-called "arguments" on this (or any other) issue lol.

  4. The ironic timing of this movie coming out at this moment in history is inescapable. Its like Hollywood really has a crystal ball into the future.

  5. This is political woke nonsense. The first scene was never even a reality in the 60's

  6. Looks really good, definitely on my watchlist.. just curious tho if this fails at the box office will men be to blame?..

  7. All these posts from fundamentalists angry at a movie trailer, like sweet music to my ears, like all the choirs of angels singing in gratitude for all the women whose lives were saved by their access to basic healthcare.

  8. Does anyone know what is the music in the trailer ? “Stand Up Stand Up…”. Can’t find and I really love it !!

  9. I was very lucky to work on this film as the 1st Assistant Director. It was a challenging film to make, but SO rewarding. It's really amazing – please go see it as soon as it comes out.

  10. This is looks GOOD. Side note; Elizabeth could get some Oscar consideration depending on how this pans out. Looks really promising,great cast and Kate Mara is a nice human.

  11. "…economics seems to mean that black women get screwed." "STAND UP STAND UP" AND SHE DIID!!!!! you women and who or whatever can think or FEEL what you want about this film I am just a man and I don't give two shits for it and not because of that mighty whitey patriarchy stuff I just don't care.

  12. Perfecting timing for this movie. It’s sad to see that this is our current reality 😔

  13. It's great that this story is coming out…alot people need to be aware of this story…watched the HBO documentary on this…story that still needs to be told

  14. I understand the need for political movies and they want to cash in on the timely subject matter but you can already see they are cramming too much. They even threw in a racial element for some reason. Abortion is an entire female issue to divide it up white vs black is stupid. It's an identity politics mistake that puts tiers in a universal issue. Just let it be about women not anything else. Also the whole mad at the doctor because he is a man thing is also stupid. There are too many annoying political points trying to be made at once. Movies and media in general need to stop shoving everything in to tick every box.

  15. Super dislike fuck this movie will not be seeing it. Trying to justify baby murder with a movie good job hollywood. Next you'll be making a movie of alec baldwin killing that poor woman.

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