Brian Cox investigates a potential alien signal 👽 😲 – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Professor Brian Cox visits the people who run SETI – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – and investigates whether we once received a signal from another planet. This signal has never been seen again and is now infamously called the “WOW” signal.

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  1. We are just far to ignorant for any other beings come in contact with us. I mean when you’re in the interstate, do you stop by every single ant hill on your travels and try to make contact? If they are capable of traveling throughout space and time, then stopping by and talking to sapiens would be an utter waste of time and energy. We are so cocky as a species to assume we are the only intelligent beings out there. There might be beings millions or billions of “ our years” away from where we are technologically and consciously. We can’t even get alone with our own kind let alone meet someone from a different solar system and expect to get along. Plus our planet is infected by overpopulation, religious and political dogma. There’s no progression with some of our kind and never will be. I mean we still have people who will decapitate you to make you a believer of their “god”. All of us interested in the topic are just born in the wrong time, we’ve just begun as humans. Maybe in like half a million years we’ll have our shit together to be able have a seat at the table so to say.

  2. My theory is space is a combustion chamber meaning limited, for the sounds to be so “high pitch” it would have to mean that the sounds either are direct signals aka straight path of sound or the chamber in which the sound expands and sends thrkigh is small, meaning smaller sound but “higher frequency” same as if you had stars which are “faded balls of gas” the sounds itself being “high pitch” would be as if sound kept running in a symoathetic path aka back and forward at which we wouldn’t hear sounds, but we would like stars seeing burnt uo balls of gas light years away experuncing the sound of something that he hapoend light years away and we are just experiencing its “rebounded affect”. An example could be the Big Bang
    And technology in order to interpret this would attune human hearing as oppose to technological hearing as to why we would interpret a frequency.

  3. You know I think we should update our language here. Alien should be umbrella term and alienocs should be ones who would want to be a threat to us. But sentiels are ones who could be friendly. I'm just trying to modernise language.

    P.s Brian Cox is brilliant.

  4. Just as an appetizer I hope it’s just fish or bugs.
    That would be great if we detect an alien 👽 fart 💨
    And the aliens 👾 reply is ,”sorry 🌏 Earthlings I farted .”

  5. What if the reason we heard nothing else is because that was a distress signal or something.

  6. Mr Cox Sir why do loons want the earth to be flat go on do a report on the loonies I know its beneath you intelligence

  7. If the universe is over 13bn years old and we are confident of that, then it’s the hight of human arrogance to claim that we are alone…and to quote another, it would definitely be a waste of space

  8. i don't think we will ever contact aliens. Even if they are from the nearest star alpha centauri. It would take 4 years for a signal to get there and 4 years to get a reply. And compared to the distance of some stars .thats right on our doorstep

  9. The good professor always sounds like he is stoned and tripping on an intergalactic space odessey.

  10. I feel sorry for his cheek muscles , his face must be aching, somebody let him know that everything makes me happy too but I don't need to smile about it all the time 😄

  11. I love Brian Cox his so calming. But the whole space thing I've always been interested in I'm no expert but i remember i think it was 2009 when it was announced Nibiru was going to collide with Earth in 2012 so i did intensive research i was awake all day and all night doing research on Nibiru making contact with Earth i think it was about 5 pages including diagrams ect and 13 years later i still have my 5 page research. I know Nibiru is nothing to do with Aliens but overall it is science and its interesting.
    But with Aliens i do believe there is something out there it would be very gullible to suggest Humans are the only living thing considering there is another planet which is basically the same as Earth but smaller so there could be something out there that is wondering if there is something living out there somewhere which there is which is us Humans.

  12. These scientists are paid to not tell us Aliens exist and Governments already have made contact

  13. To me SETI is misguided “eat here get gas” cosmic advertisement .We have one of the best surf spots in the Galaxy potentially stop blowing up the spot….there already are “ beings” from some quantum dimension visiting us now fr crssakes…

  14. He's sat there talking about a possible signal and basically "wondering" if there's life outside earth? And at the same time the Pentagon has Luis Elizondo giving interviews stating there's craft visiting our planet and has been for thousands of year's.

    For those of you that want to see the interviews they are not hard to find online. Take the time to watch and listen to them.

    If you want the truth on ET contact don't bother listening to Cox or Neil Tyson as they don't have the information or clearance to give it you.

    They act and speak on the areas of expertise they are trained in. Which isn't ET contact history and exotic craft retrieval.

  15. Every galaxy has life humans and other evovled different creatures on there galaxies, like we live in our milkyway

  16. I would have appreciated further discussion as to how the wow signal differs from the host of known types of radio signals emitted by cosmic collisions, star formation or star collapse.

  17. I wonder if humans looking for life in the universe is like ants wandering around on the back of an elephant.