“Booth to Screen” Featurette | Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers | Disney+

Mulaney. Samberg. Bana. Simmons. Rogen. Key. Get ready for some animated performances 🔥

Chip ‘n Dale: #RescueRangers, an Original movie, is streaming this Friday on Disney+.

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  1. I heard that if this movie is success, they will make a new chip and dale rescue Rangers series. But all of you must love this movie if you want a new chip and dale rescue Rangers series again.

  2. And in some part of the movie Chip and Dale will hear: "Uh….meow?"

  3. Hello, I think about this almost every day, and I believe, and I believe with great anticipation, that they will make two films, Prince of Persia the two thrones and Prince of Persia warrior within. Do you think these two films will ever be, but I believe they will make a film, what do you think?

  4. Why did they have to cast Seth Rogen in this? It would have been fine without him.

  5. I Can't Wait For This Movie, I'm Stuck With The Theme Song For Days 🤩😂🥰

    P.s. Did You Guys Look The Disney Castle Logo Recall Some Castles From Many Movies? Like Frozen, The Little Mermaid And Aladdin?

  6. I like tress MacNeille and Corey Burton as Chip and dale the most. Honestly John Milaney and Andy samberg voices are so ordinary boring ! 🙄🥱

  7. It looks like they did voice over in their houses. Honestly, I can't really tell though

  8. Bruh, is that Disney castle logo a combination of all their past logo designs? Or is it just an amalgamation of castles from different movies? Either way, really cool piece of fanservice.

  9. I've had the Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers theme stuck in my head thanks to this!😂

  10. I really hope the original voice actors get some respect.
    An animated movie going, "look at all the celebrities we got!" like the Lion King remake or like Cats doesn't fill me with a lot of hope.

  11. I sure can't wait for it! This is so full of nostalgia and great talent from the cast.

  12. So apparently this has been getting positive reviews so far. Should I be surprised?

  13. 0:11 That better be new Disney logo
    All that’s missing is the death behind the castle while iron man chases and blows up Tie fighters
    Instead of fire works going off in the intro

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