BONES Trailer + Killer Clips (2001) Snoop Dogg Horror Movie

BONES Trailer + Killer Clips (2001) Snoop Dogg Horror Movie

Over 20 years after his death by a gunshot, Jimmy Bones comes back as a ghost to wreak revenge on those who killed him and to clean up his neighborhood.

Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier, Michael T. Weiss |

Ernest R. Dickerson

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  1. Jimmy Bones is such a unique character. I definitely and completely feel remorse and empathy for Jimmy as I totally sympathize and understand his anger as he was robbed out of his life. Jimmy absolutely and positively deserved his revenge in every way on the people that did him wrong in the past. It is a scene in the movie when he's walking in the neighboorhood and he is remembering how great it was. I love that scene because it's representing that Jimmy Bones isn't really a heartless and evil individual as he was once the neighboorhood protector making sure his community and his people we're safe and okay as he really loved and cared doing it. When Jimmy said " Those fools they my people" I felt that in my heart as he knows what's good for them. 😍😎👍💯 It's so heartbreaking and sad because it shows how the neighboorhood went to hell as drugs and crime overcome it through all those 20 years Jimmy was dead as the citizens really depended on Jimmy. 😭🥺😔It's also so relatable, articulate, and insightful because you have certain places in life that have special childhood memories and moments but unfortunately it takes a downfall as it's full with hatred, flith, and greed. 😭🥺😔

  2. Bones is one of those movies you root for the main character instead of the sub-character's to win. It also teaches you about revenge and redemption and how your actions and your past comes right back to haunt you as that was Ernest Dickerson purpose and interpretation of the story which work's perfectly for the movie which made it special and unique. 😍😎👍💯 Jeremiah, Eddie Mack, and Lupovicth did Jimmy dirty. What makes it that is that Jimmy was a good person such as being the neighboorhood protector spreading love and happiness in the community. By doing that the neighboorhood was bright, happy, vibrant, and positive. After his death the neighboorhood went to hell as drugs and crime overcome it. The scene when Jimmy is betrayed and brutally murder is one of the most saddest and heartbreaking scene in the whole entire movie as my heart aches for Jimmy 😭🥺😞 and when I first saw it I had my mouth open in shock. 😰😱 For the past 20 years Jimmy's spirit became angry with the intention of getting revenge as he did not have a peaceful death. Wacthing Jimmy getting his revenge on them was so satisfying as they all betrayed and brutally murder him out of jealousy and resentment as they do not have no remorse or regret for over 20 years as their past is coming right back to haunt them all. It just put a smirk on my face and fills me with satisfaction as these evil individual's got for they deserved. 😈😏

  3. I love Bones. It was something new, fresh, unique, inventive, stylish, cool, edgy, hip, and updated such as the concept and themes. The tone and element was scary, creepy, spooky, eerie, dark, gritty, urban, and gothic which work's perfectly for the movie. Snoop Dogg did a phenomenal and spectacular job portraying Jimmy Bones. He really put tons of emotion and depth into his role. Sure it got negative reviews but I honestly thought it was pretty good. To this day I still wacth it and I consider it a classic. It never gets old. 😍👍💯😎