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PLOT: The true story behind the legend of the Fouke Monster.

CAST: Lyle Blackburn

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  1. When that man Will Lunsferd said that he smelled a awful smell like some animal had died, I automatically thought it was a demon. If you look at all the encounters people have with demonic spirits whether they are super natural animals/giants/ghost etc., they all say that there is a death sufur awful smell.

  2. The man standing in front of the large like drums. To the right of the man's right hand, there is a large drum and right by the red on that first drum, to the right of him…There is an image of a dark haired man, standing there. He has on long shorts and he's barefooted. There is a limb leaning against the one barrel or drum..look straight to your left. Against the dark part of the drum, he's standing there. He has very large and dark eyes and black hair. Can anyone see this guy, this ghost like being?

  3. It's funny how they call it a monster when it has never been known to hurt or kill anyone! That's as far as recorded history goes anyways. It doesn't need to be portrayed as a monster, it's got plenty of human DNA in it that says otherwise.

  4. Seriously a guy in a costume could be doing all this, assuming all the locals are telling the truth.

  5. The three toe thing could be explained by = born deformed , accident , fight with another animal , lots of reasons it might only have three toes.

  6. Yours is the Best Documentary that I've seen on the Boggy Creek Monster with your realistic separation of Fact & Fiction! I saw the "Legend of Boggy CreeK" as a teenager)

  7. That scream in the beginning, the little boy running through the fields, still scares me. Thank you for this follow up. (I've already seen it over 10 times, darned if some noise doesn't make me jump somewhere in the house, or outside) I treated myself to the original movie from 1972…shiver.

  8. I think they live underground and they stay underground most of the time .probley come out for food and to explore humans.

  9. When I was a kid we went to the drive in to see the legend of boggy creek. It scared the beejeebers out of me and my friend who went with us. We lived in California but we were still afraid the monster was going to get us. 😳

  10. Great documentary. Great witnesses. But, today, in the age of smartphones, dashcams and drones with high resolution photos and videos, you have to wonder why no one ever filmed it.

  11. Man that Terry Sutton and his father interview was utterly convincing. Salt of the earth people simply telling what HAPPENED. No show boating or stuttering and I would bet all my money that man is telling the truth.

  12. I live in Ohio and I saw one many yrs ago. And I hardly ever tell people that because people think I'm crazy and they laugh and then dont know what to say lol I just don't mention it even if the subject comes up lol

  13. THESE CREATURES HAVE GOT TO BE SEEDED FROM SOME OTHER HIGHER ENTITY. Like a trial run and unless we get our technological shit together I bet there's a planet killer. Asteroid headed Right our way…

    We've even begun to hear the trumpets all over the planet. Keep your eye on the sky people…

  14. Someone get the witness at 24:00 some oxygen and paramedics lol. At 56:00…jesus christ..if you think you hear a bigfoot and are recording, shut up!

  15. The 3 toe footprint is most likely a Bigfoot that either had a deformity of toes or they just made a mistake when casting the footprint. I think it's most likely a deformity. Deformation can happen in human beings too. What's to say it can't happen in other species? -OG

  16. We lived in Florida at the time I watched it. I was in elementary school and when they dropped me off that evening after watching the movie I was scared to get out of the car😂 we lived on the edge of hundreds of acres of swamps, woods and cow pastures and I knew that dang thing was waiting on me in the darkness. All I had to do was go from the station wagon to the house and they had even pulled up into the driveway to drop me off. That 20 feet to me house scared the crap out of me😆😳. We lived there for over 20 years and as a teenager and young adult we would play in the same swamps and pastures at night. The Legend of Boggy Creek was a great topic while out there with friends.
    The movie Jaws did the same to me. Swimming was tough after watching that movie and I watched it a few years after this one. I spent a lot of time in the woods of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky. Most places have a legend like this and if you let it seep into your imagination or thoughts and the situation is right it will make you look over your shoulder or stop and listen more closely to that twig snap or sound while out there camping or walking around😎

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