Body language expert slams Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary | The Morning Show

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  1. The royal family should be thankful magan and Harry didn't give names as to who are the racists in the royal family; otherwise the royals will be brought down; because lets not forget the common wealth is composed by black and brown pople. They should really give out names.

  2. I think if he could go back he would !! yes there's issues BUT…. the royalty is in his blood !! hes broken 💔

  3. Wow. He loves her but she doesn't love him?! Wonder why the world thinks Brits are stuck up….I lived there. It's true.

  4. For goodness sake, I’m sick and tired of this couple. They are both self obsessed, care nothing for the hurt they are causing to both families.

  5. This women has is diluted, Diana had to help or guidance, in fact she said she to do it by herself, and she had to go from a normal girl to a royal princess over night.

  6. Elle a faim ?
    Elle ne comprend pas le code d'éthique du Royaume-Uni ?
    Foutre la java, sinon rien ?
    Gesticuler comme elle le fait, qui pourrait lui donner crédit?
    Vive le Roi Charles III.

  7. The lady host clearly didn’t want to believe the body language experts opinion so bit of waste of time calling her in.

  8. I believe there is some "body language" going on with the female host and the body language expert. The host clearly doesn't like her, which is hilarious in itself to watch.

  9. The uxorious prince should have told princess peabrain that even British princes and princesses curtsey to foreign monarchs.

  10. She didn’t change. She was born with malignant narcissistic personality disorder. She exhibited traits from a very early age.

  11. She does not appear to be black at all, she is a psycho and he’s riding with her. Once she is finished using him .. she will move on to the next strategic white male to get her where she wants to be.
    Why isn’t she married to a black man if white royals are so awful

  12. Megan can not even get along with her own family so I'm not surprised that she's very jealous of Kate and William and disrespectful of the royal family. Megan is manipulative and thinks that she should be the "star" but being married to a royalty is really not normal but she should be smart enough to learn the proper etiquette and not whine that she's a victim! I used to like Harry who had a very close relationship with his brother but everything went downhill after he married Megan. If they want freedom and privacy like Megan always say, then why do that Oprah interview and the Netflix documentary?

    They are only complaining because they lost a lot of royalty benefits which resulted in Harry's declaration of no longer wanting to serve as a royal and moving to America to have privacy? Poor Harry does not even know he is being manipulated by an actress. Does he look happy? 🤔

  13. She planned it well before she met hasbeen. She found out everything about him xx she and Doria practice black magic and are dominant with hasbeen to serve their own ends.
    Evil pair

  14. There's such a thing as Diplomatic Protocol training, which is usually taught to members of the royal family. She could've asked.

  15. Harry is slowly waking up out of the narcissistic fog. In the near future, you will see him exhibit more and more moments where he faces reality and not the illusion he's been living in. She made fun of his 'his-story' right in front of him in public. So abusive!!! I hope his family knows what's going on and will be patient with him. One day he might even write a book about narcissistic abuse for the masses.

  16. What a load of bull… what type of expert is this … she clearly came into this with an agenda

  17. My god the royals seem to be really scared what happed to don’t respond my god they’ve really gone to town on this nothing to hide?

  18. This women is treacherous she is a destroyer of family. I can’t imagine how her poor children are treated.

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