Blood Monkey | FULL MOVIE | 2006 | Horror, Action | F. Murray Abraham

A renowned but mad professor leads a small group of American students into the jungles of Africa to investigate a remote tribe of killer chimpanzees rumored to be the missing link. The good news is they haven’t made the trek in vain—they’ve found the monkeys. Unfortunately that’s the bad news too, especially when night falls.

F. Murray Abraham
Matt Ryan
Amy Manson
Freishia Bomanbehram
Matt Reeves
Sebastian Armesto
Laura Aikman

Directed by Robert Young

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  1. Not worth to watch.. Whole movie is not showing the monkey, its always hidden and focusing only the victims…

  2. This film, "Blood Monkey" (2007), was a thrilling, dramatic, adventure movie right up to the final scenes. And, its definitely worth watching.

  3. 🦧Gigantepithicus a 40 ft orangutan no living specimens have ever been found or documented they're the Ape equivalent of the whooly mammoth🦣

  4. They seem to be in indo-Asia possibly borneo or Malaysia and the only Apes Live in that area are Orangutans and they're pretty relaxed compared to chimpanzee and gorilla's and these two Ape Species are Only Found in the African Continent

  5. I'm thinking wildman of borneo aka possibly the orangutan with stealth gorilla genetics perhaps or perhaps something else

  6. forest mountains woods.fears me…i know its nice scenery..but i also know the danger….so…. no thanks ill stay home safe…

  7. I'm Watching From Saudi Arabia I'm Pakistani Plise Aplode The Woolf Ful Movie

  8. for once big 👍 to simplity sneak in a country with bad entention get killed right act yes . Crew did more than good so 5✨ 5👍

  9. I am glad so many liked this. I'm sorry to say, I watched it all. I did not like it, at all. For one thing, they didn't even have any substantial fake of the blood apes. Even Congo had several of them. The writing was terrible. What was the purpose of taking the blond girl off to maroon her for the creatures to kill? If the apes were more intelligent than we are, there should have been some, at least small amount of communication, or interaction, between the people and them, besides killing. The ending was terrible, to me, anyway.

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