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PLOT: A couple who are about to give up on their dream of having children find a doula who promises a magical solution to their infertility problems, but when she moves in for a series of strange, taxing rituals, overseen by a charming – but dangerous – doctor, they find out that the magic is extremely risky and that the baby they’re about to have might not be quite human.

CAST: Rosie Moss, Antoine Perry, Melanie Haynes, Laurine Price, Cole Gerdes

DIRECTOR: Reed Shusterman

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  1. this movie is like a summation of feminism and feminists: they want to violate the Most High's natural laws with, their disobedient, haughty, delusional self-absorbed ways. Nothing but wickedness and destruction comes from their agendas. To many females contaminated by feminism, males are nothing but ATM's and sperm donors.

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