Blockbuster | Official Trailer | Netflix

After learning he is managing the last Blockbuster Video in America, Timmy and his employees fight to stay afloat. Blockbuster Season 1, starring Randall Park and Melissa Fumero, premieres November 3, only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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Blockbuster | Official Trailer | Netflix

At the last remaining Blockbuster, a hardworking manager fights to keep his video store open and staff happy amid competition and complicated feelings.



  1. Maybe I'm just getting old, but did anyone else not laugh at anything that happened on this trailer?

  2. Hopefully this does well so that Jake and Amy can cash in on all those blockbuster shares he inherited 😂

  3. Netflix slowly murdered blockbuster, buried it in a shallow grave, and dug it up a decade later to mock it before killing it again.

  4. Talk about meta, Netflix making a film about a company they’re majorly responsible for putting under.

  5. I worked at Blockbuster Video in the mid 1990's. I didn't make shit but damn if we didn't have fun!!

  6. Went from Netflix trying to get Blockbuster to buy them to Netflix producing a show about the last Blockbuster

  7. And let's, be a good streaming giant that put them out of business and make a ludicrous docu-comedy about their feeble existence which is our katana going into their bowels…

  8. How are they making current movie references in a blockbuster?? Are they trying to infer that the last Blockbuster closed just a few weeks ago?? LMAO

  9. this doesn't look funny
    it looks like a sad imitation of SuperStore
    am I gonna binge it anyways?
    heck yes I am

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