BLACK PANTHER 2 "Namor Attacks Wakanda" Trailer (2022)

BLACK PANTHER 2 “Namor Attacks Wakanda” Trailer (2022)
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  1. "Representative of my culture", is an underwater Mexican dude. Hhmm. Must have missed that in the holiday guides to Mexico.

  2. Hard pass. Marvel is dead. Smothered by massive pile of slimy, quivering, ubiquitous woke-a$$ identity politics. No regard any longer for the breadth and beauty already used in the original comic art and story. Good riddance.

  3. Since when is Namor Atzec/Mexican, or played by an actor who speaks with such a heavy accent?

  4. . . . Well, even more reasons to not see this garbage movie. Namor aside from being clean shaven and either possessing green tinged or fair skin is ironically what Aquaman wishes he could be. Debuting 2 years before his DC rival, he possesses the same background of having a human sea loving father and most notably ATLANTEAN ROYALTY FOR A MOTHER. He was NOT Aztec in any shape or form, and Aztecs who were reviled by their neighbors HAVE NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH ATLANTIS.

  5. awful trailer, shitty acting, terrible costumes. also nobody asked for SJW bs in our movies. where do you find these clowns to star important roles ffs marvel.

  6. Bullsh%t wokeness…changing Namor from the original character to something completely different to check a ethnic box for Marvel. It's crap.

  7. Pity that this movie has decided to use "racial marketing" for its promotion, considering how much loved Namor as a character already is. The running rumor is the Namor actor is also HEAVY into identity politics in his own country.

    "Finally, I could find a powerful representation of my culture with dignity and respect."

    goes to the one place on Earth where culture has NEVER been treated with dignity OR respect, and where both local and foreign cultures are FREQUENTLY misrepresented or romanticized

  8. Hmm not much "diversity" going on here… also seems to be a bit of 'rewriting' history going on here…

  9. Crap CGI is bad enough but when coupled with the terrible dialogue and the short arse dad bod actor…..what an insult to Namor and the comics

  10. Namor, allegedly the first Mutant in Marvel Comics (perhaps aside from Apocalypse) is now Aztec? Les sigh…

  11. Mejia -"my culture with dignity and respect"….yeah he should not read the history books of mexico then.

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