BLACK PANTHER 2 "Namor Attacks Wakanda" Trailer (2022) Wakanda Forever

BLACK PANTHER 2 “Namor Attacks Wakanda” Trailer (2022) Wakanda Forever

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  1. if they release another trailer i don't have to see the movie anymore because at this point i don't believe there a any more scenes left for the movie 😀

  2. Yo you didn’t show us RIPD 2
    Rise Of The Demand & you didn’t show us the trailer to Smile, your biased when posting trailers idc about marvel & Dc show other stuff or I’m finding another person to sub to & unsubscribing from you ?

  3. Acuérdense chicos que los tráiler no spoilean seguro la peli va hacer muy buena con black panter mujer; aunque me da miedo que no esté el original black panter

  4. No interest. Having a bunch of Africans talking in English with caricatural and goofy accents amongst themselves is just as cringe as how natives were depicted in the 50s.

  5. You put enough YouTube clips together of all these trailers and boom there’s the whole movie!!

  6. This shit looks like black vs brown but in Marvels universe. They will fight then come together to fight a common enemy. This will be powerful for black folks and Mexicans. Some people wont like that message lol

  7. Ten Namor jak lítá to vypadá hůř než She-hulk. Určitě to napadlo stejného člověka co za tím stojí… -_-

  8. I hear ya on being "representative "….but Namor is Atlanteon, and more importantly…a fictional character 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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