Black Fox II: Price of Peace | FULL MOVIE | 1995 | Western | Christopher Reeve

The second in a series of three movies that tell the story of two “blood” brothers, Alan and Britt Johnson–one a former plantation owner, the other his childhood friend whom he freed from slavery. With their families, they leave Carolina to settle in Texas in the 1860’s.

Watch the first Black Fox movie if you missed it:

Christopher Reeve
Raoul Trujillo
Tony Todd
Janet Bailey
Nancy Sorel
Chris Wiggins
Cynthia Preston

Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern


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  2. Did you go to sleep watching this or what ??? the only part that maybe Wake you up was the ending ? and That was Bloody Poor at Best !!

  3. Great movie I enjoyed it a lot and they just don’t make movies like that anymore I want to see more like that

  4. I thought it had potential (but) it turned-out to be ANOTHER BS communist-correct tripe cast on social-engineering steroids.

  5. Popcornflix You posed a question to us as to whether we liked part 1 or 2 better. I enjoyed them both but I have to say part 1 was more enthralling as it was much more adventurous and fraught with more danger yet set the stage for the deep, abiding brotherly love. Now, I shall pose a question to you – When will you be posting part 3 of the Black Fox series?

  6. This series is very Racist and full of hate against White people. Reverse discrimination.

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