1. Just curious to see how they introduce the Justice society of America out of nowhere when they use Amanda waller who created the suicide squad as a force to oppose to the super humans the world first meet in the man of steel, BVS and Justice League.
    As WW1984 already failed at this point, I hope they made it right this time.

  2. I’m not going to lie I’m excited to see a DC film on the big screen again and if Henry Cavill is in this movie for the post credit scene it’s going to be banana! I’m going to lose my mind! ✌🏽

  3. Bro I think there 2:10 hellboy does showed up, or something like hellboy, but this moment I think that first

  4. Black Adam and super man vs dark side these concept going to make dc legend and can help to beat to marvel … othervise dc struggle is looollllll

  5. Wow can't wait to watch the movie while having🍻🎂🍷🍕, I have a feeling that DC as really nailed it these time🙌!!

  6. Well! Difference between Superman, Black Adam feels like Superman is unsure of his powers and trying to adjust being a human, while the latter embraced his powers and knows he is way past humanity.

  7. I literally can’t keep my rear on the seat to watch this movie…super excited. I m gonna watch it the first day🎉❤

  8. I think this and Man of Steel 2 will make or break the DC franchise. Let's see how this plays out

  9. after john wick franchise,
    guess keanu revees' next project: john constantine in DC Extended Universe

  10. I hate those damn links at the end of videos. They are blocking the view of the video and there seems to be no way of removing them.

  11. The cool thing about this movie is that it saves money on special effects because the Rock is literally invicible.

  12. Magic trick guys: hit dislike button and then hit like like button and repeat the process 2-3 times again you will see likes count remain same but dislike count increase everytime you repeat the process!!
    But it's not permanent everything is just normal if you refreshes the page;)

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