Bill McKibben: Victory Over Big Oil as Sen. Manchin Forced to Drop “Hideous Deal” on Energy

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin abandoned his own energy permitting proposal Tuesday that would have fast-tracked the federal review of energy projects, including the contested Mountain Valley Pipeline. Following intense pressure from a range of climate justice and Appalachian organizers, Manchin asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to drop the permitting reforms from a funding bill after it became clear he did not have the votes to pass the proposal. founder Bill McKibben says Manchin may try to partner with the GOP to revive the proposal later this year, but still says the news represents an “impressive win by grassroots environmentalism.”

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  1. Oddly enough 99.9% of these green people do not abide by what they say. They warm their houses by gas, wear petroleum based products. Use petroleum based items for everyday need. Nice that they speak up but walk the walk.

  2. Senator J. Manchin needs to be voted out. He is OK with destroying the environment for all of our children! I am so angry at him!

  3. I've been burning plastic all day in celebration! If the country spirals into depression and cannibalism becomes viable I think I'm going to eat a vegan first.

  4. Embarrassed for democratic party…i mean thugs. Manchin's already 'solved climate change…for he lives on a yacht'

  5. Manchin is a spineless back bone republican ok. F….him. let's go blue to get the bills passed that manchin and sineman blocked ok he scare he no dems got a good chance of keeping both the house and senate and picking up more votes. He won't be able to hold them hostage no more. Let help dems help us yall give them the house and senate and watch them work. Give them the secretary of state and attorney General to make sure our vote is counted ok. We want roe back, we want voting rights restored and we want to protect our demarcrocy. Blue wave

  6. Don't give manchin shit, after he blocked all democrats bills please bye manchin. He no he fin to be a non fucking factor so he won't his Last shine. Manchin and sinema is the reason we don't have voting rights or women act ok. Vote people blue senate and house members to over rule his ass and sinema. Give dems the house, give them 3 more senators ok. And we won't have to bargain. We can get roe back and save our demarcrocy that's what's important. Blue secretary of state and attorney General yall trump got his quonan fascist cult running for secretary of states to steal the next election. They will control voting, they will be able to give the election to who they want ok. Pay attention. Vote blue for secretary of states to make sure our vote count and is protected. Our demarcrocy is on the line

  7. Thank The Lord Jesus for making Good folk to inhabit this world and Fight for Her that gives life to the Good, AND the wicked Manchins, that rely on Her for the very air, we all breathe.
    I pray that the Good are empowered to continue to reign victorious. Amen.

  8. Good News! Biden has carried out his threat to end the Nord Stream pipelines carrying fossil fuels to Europe, Norway is now going online selling its poisonous fossil fuel to Poland. Maybe Biden will blow this one up too. Since we know pipelines are bad my question is shouldn't the department of energy be blowing all of ours up as well? We have 2.4 million miles of gas and oil pipeline in the USA that the department of energy needs to blow up. No one should have any say on this because we are a Democracy. When are we going to wise up and make any use of fuel by anyone a capital offense – The Earth and the heavens are in peril and we cannot act fast enough to save our universe.

  9. These stupid “activists” just fight tooth and nail to keep gas at $4 a gallon, don’t they?

    Worrying about the weather in 100 years while the working class languishes, typical coastal liberal elites.

    And don’t even get me started on the natives. Everywhere is “sacred ground“ till they want to plop a casino there.

  10. Democracy Now ? Lol that’s like CNN calling Brian’s show ,reliable sources . lol reliable sources that was a good one , I think it lasted about a week .😂

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