1. Well now that sounds like a good time for a colonoscopy. Percocet should be a good counter to the colonoscopy drugs.

  2. This was so funny. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I actually have worked with a shaman when taking certain 'medicines' and it is a better way to go. One of the ones I had to have my blood pressure checked every 30 minutes or so, I think. I was out of it of course. Much safer. Anway, this was great!

  3. There comes a time in an old, debilitated retired RNs life when laughing is the only goal I seek…thank you for my tears (of laughter) today. Ready to live this day!

  4. I really needed to see this. Yesterday (Nov. 13) was the 2nd anniversary of my husband's death, & I'd been down all day. I wanted something to lift my spirits so I might possibly get some sleep, so I put this video on. Within moments, this show had me laughing till tears ran down my face. I started watching it at about 2am, forgetting that my roommate was asleep. I had to keep burying my face in a pillow to keep from waking my roommate up by laughing so hard. Bill Engvall is truly an American treasure. I'm so grateful that his humor could lighten the heart of this lonely widow for a while.

  5. I have always loved to hear Bill Engvall!! I wish he would do a comedy act in either Odessa or Midland, Texas!! I would be there with bells on!! Thank you for this, it made my day!!

  6. Thanks Bill for the happiness you bring to us. So many can relate to our own lives. Everyone says, I remember doing that. Thanks for being you 👍

  7. Fan: “Bill Engvall is family oriented.”

    Bill: “So I wound up getting high off pot brownies because I was stressed out from having a small urethra.”

  8. Old school comedy at it`s finest. No cussing, no fbombs, just clean comedy for all ages. Thanks Bill for just being you. Your comedy has gotten me through very hard times. Laughter IS the best medicine. God Bless you Sir.

  9. I've watched this so many times and it never gets old. The Marijuana and the suit stories are my favorite. If I'm sad this will make me feel better. If it's a good day, this will make the day better. Thanks for the LMAO Bill 🤣

  10. Shangrila? (Sp)
    I need some of that! 59, and sleep is my enemy…it's elusive and vindictive. I may be having trouble keeping my eyes open, but it laughs and says, "Ha! I am leaving!"

  11. Saw Bill in Austin, Texas at a little comedy club back in the 80's. He was hilarious then and I have watched him throughout the years turn into a huge star and success. So glad when he made good because he seemed like such a nice guy and is so talented

    BT the way my Grandpa which was HIGHLY HIGHLY AGAINST POT did use it to eat and sleep when he had cancer going through cemo. It really work's for ALL ALL kinds of medical issues. BILL your biggest issue is everything you put your as you called it "WEINER" through in a very short amount of time. 😂

  13. Kidney stones. I had a couple of them at home without knowing what the problem was. Third time was even worse. So we make it to the doctor's office (we: I couldn't drive, could barely walk). I'm lying on the floor of the exam room, curled up in a fetal position in more agony that I could have imagined existed. Doctor finally comes in, checks out the situation and says, "We think you have a kidney stone." And I'm (I avoid drugs to the point of not even taking an aspirin), "Give me a shot of something for this pain." "Oh, we can't do that, we don't have pain meds in the office." " Well, I don't care, just shoot me with something, I can't take may more of this pain. I don't care if it's drugs or a gun, JUST SHOOT ME WITH SOMETHING!" And I was serious. The comparison to childbirth. Women who've had kidney stones will admit that if childbirth were that bad they'd never have sex again. EVER!!

    And Bill, the stents aren't that bad to get out if you go very, VERRRRRY slowly. What you do NOT want is to have the doctor (or the cute nurse) treat if like a bandaid and "Oh, we'll just rip this off and it won't hurt but a second." THAT'S A LIE! BTW, I have a large urethra. But that doesn't mean what you think. The utrethra runs from the kidneys to the bladder, not further down. And it doesn't matter how large it is. Stones come in large sizes. And XL. And XXXL.

  14. My 1st time hearing your jokes – Bill, YOU ARE HILARIOUS. Thank you for so many laughs – you are a great storyteller

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