Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, and more on Stand-up vs Therapy | Netflix

Stand-up and therapy are not mutually exclusive…right?


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  1. This is entrapment! 1 minute of Burr, 1 minute of Maniscalco and 10 minutes of Tomlinson??? Yuck!

  2. Other than Taylor and Sebastián I'd love to have their names. They're great, but I'm unfamiliar.

  3. Mental illness is so misunderstood that Taylor thinks bipolar is a "we" situation. It's not 2 personalities, it's 1 that goes from super calm to super crazy. Fuck "you" not "those people" Taylor. U have no idea about what you are talking.

  4. I'm sorry, but refusing to talk to a man (doctor) bc it costs money, is not funny, it's actually really fkng sad

  5. Bill was funny when I discovered him.
    Now I realize he's just a sad excuse of a man.

    What,,, no no I'm just complaining all the time cause I'm entitled…

  6. Remember when women comedians were funny, now their feminist clowns masquerading as comedians . . .with the exception of Taylor T. ! She is genuinely funny, its a shame they lumped her in with this other trash.

  7. Taylor is really funny and on point about rather serious personal stuff. What worries me though is that half her audience seemed to take drugs for mental health issues too.

  8. I've been watching Taylor ever since she hosted some rinky dink comedy show on an "off brand" TV channel and knew she was funny then. She was just a kid back then. I'm glad she is getting noticed for the talent that she is. Too bad she is just an "And More" in the title of this video, but I as I've already seen her specials, I know she kills. Funny is funny and has no gender. Glad many of you are finally getting to "meet" her. ☺♥

  9. The funniest thing is the average person goes to one (1) session and never goes back, so if you go more than once good for you! I self sabotage too. We love you, so its the men not you, at all,

  10. This is my first introduction to Taylor Tomlinson, and she absolutely kills!!
    Now I’m obsessed with her

  11. Its impossible to watch. I don't know if the problem is in Netflix and it just converts everything that it touches to shit (standup in particular) or just standup got so incredibly boring, not funny and dull…

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