Big Heart, Big Debt – Going From Broke | Season 2, Episode 1

Going From Broke
S2 E1 – Big Heart, Big Debt | FULL EPISODE

Isabel Cervantes is the first in her family to graduate from a 4-year college, but her $200k of student loans is dragging down her free spirit. Join our financial team as they help Isabel get creative and out of debt!

Drowning in debt? Executive producers Ashton Kutcher and Dan Rosensweig help you go from red to black.

Series Description
From Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and exec producer Ashton Kutcher, this groundbreaking series helps young people overcome massive debt. Hosts: Dan Rosensweig, Danetha Doe and Tonya Rapley.

Dan Rosensweig, Tonya Rapley, Isabel Cervantes, Rachel Cruze, Mike Núñez, Ashton Kutcher

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  1. such a stupid show… and unrealistic. One time they had some man who wanted to be an actor but he could not pay off his student debt and his dad was forced to pay it for him… so they made him move to hollywood and be an EXTRA and live in his car. THEN they made him start making those student loan debts too!! AS HE IS LIVING IN HIS CAR!!!! WTF

  2. I love this show! It's helping learn to set goals and pay off my debt faster. Thank you for having it on your channel 🙂

  3. I just found out there was tv series of clueless. I've seen the movie and love it. Im talking about tv show same actors but i cant find it any where. can you please up load the series to your channel. Thank you. I love all that you upload on your channel. Great Job!!!

  4. Good job Isabelle. Crazy how much student loans there are 1.7 trillion! Nice all of you are working to make a difference in others lives.

  5. Wow,,,so inspiring! I think you’re awesome Isabelle! I will be retiring next yr,,,social security will be a monthly struggle, so the online link for selling my art has me hopeful. This is no coincidence

  6. These ppl would be better served helping ppl like me who have no debt, good credit and have inherited a lot of money ( north of a M)

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