BIG GEORGE FOREMAN Official Trailer (2023)

Follow the remarkable life and times of Foreman, from Olympic Gold medalist to World Heavyweight champion, from the Rumble in the Jungle fight with Muhammad Ali in Zaire to finding his faith, retiring, and becoming a preacher. When financial hardship hits his family and church, he steps back into the ring and regains the championship at age 45, becoming the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

BIG GEORGE FOREMAN Official Trailer (2023)
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  1. This movie of George Foreman is long overdue and I can't wait, It's going to be one of the greatest boxing stories ever told…

  2. George coming up even as a boxer has a lot of rage he was seen as mad not engaging then he came into the ring holding the American flags. During that time he wad criticized for that by his demographic, after that George could do no wrong the people love him.

  3. imagine Foreman having to spar with Liston … only old folks know who’s Liston and why Foreman copy him … Foreman was probably 2nd to Shavets for hitting power … then Foreman became a preacher … then again the oldest heavy weight champion … younger folks know Foreman for the grill …

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