Biden & Xi Meet in Bali; Could This Help Cool U.S.-China Tensions & Reduce Risk of a Military Clash?

For the first time since taking office, President Biden met in person with Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday in Bali, Indonesia. We discuss how the meeting might affect rising tensions over Taiwan, where Nancy Pelosi visited earlier this year, and concerns over China’s human rights violations. The goals of the meeting should be “for the two leaders to find a way to cool those tensions down and to find ways to reduce the risk of a military clash arising in the Pacific,” says Michael Klare, defense correspondent at The Nation. As Chinese military drills near Taiwan threaten instability in the region, “the question is what’s the best way to deter China from doing anything,” says Orville Schell, director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society.

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  1. Acts 4:12, ESV: And there is salvation in no one else other than JESUS CHRIST, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”Matthew 16:26, ESV: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

  2. Acts 4:12, ESV: And there is salvation in no one else other than JESUS CHRIST, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”Matthew 16:26, ESV: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

  3. Acts 4:12, ESV: And there is salvation in no one else other than JESUS CHRIST, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”Matthew 16:26, ESV: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

  4. This is sad implication of indoctrination where western educated are like monetised political system. Very few will address why USA hates Russia. The truth is Russia helped Cuba from being colonized by US. Democracy is a system diametrically different to communism or socialistic. Another fact is academics are indoctrinating false narrative. Having many bases means peace – fools

  5. Both countries are very different in structure of governs but still have similarities with antagonist ideas to the leader how to govern within the structure whether it is democracy or authoritarian.

  6. Blaming others is always so easy. Xi never did anything. It was always USA try to get a WW3 out of China by sending Pelosi, 12 days later another 5 ministers, 5 days after that a Japanese minister went to Taiwan, 2 days after that another high ranking US minister went to Taiwan, 3 days after that send 2 old war ships between China and Taiwan. If these are not provoking China for a WW3, then i don't know what provoking is. And all these times China said don't send anyone to Taiwan, it will raise tensions. USA loves tensions. The world like this is shit anyways. Lets just all die and let the pinguins take over the world.

  7. Who is provoking who? Who travel thousands of mile into others backyard with aircraft carriers. To Look for wars? . China did not send aircraft Carriers to coast of America or even trying to free Hawaii with Independence.

  8. Maybe China should do as US did. China should focus on US human rights abused on Native Americans and Africa slaves in America. US are Angels to help others countries ingenious people but nasty to own people. US even send 80 billions to protect UKRAINIANS but nothing for its homeless, poor people.

  9. Orville is a piece of sh-it. He didn't tell the true and he support for war. These experts are so stu-pid. Everyone can get the news on the phone now. You can't lies anymore.

  10. Fully attack China is the only way to save incompetency politicians. There is no other solution can solves domestic problem. I believe China has prepared for it.

  11. US causing global chaos and discord around the world. Trade wars, sanctions, trade tariff, inflation, recession, layoffs, bankruptcies, cost of living, high energy price, supply chain, NK SK, Russia Ukraine, China Taiwan, China HK, Middle East, China Xinjiang etc.

  12. Michael Clare has some good takes but overall seems like an appeaser. When you allow a bully to keep getting away with it, they continue to push harder. Why shouldn't Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan? What right does China have to object? Why did China break the agreement on Hong Kong and immediately start disappearing free speech activists? What about their worldwide games of taking over other countries' waterways and creating ports and roads for their own benefit? If Americans only knew how militaristic the Chinese government is becoming while encouraging its people to be xenophobic nationalists…

  13. India is not part o any us military alliance. US should build a wall around itself and stay in.

  14. L'atelier mondial de la Chine est primordial pour la survie de l'économie mondiale souffrante.

  15. Only the US has been aggressive over the last 70 years period eg Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc so why are these US politicians even trying to justify anything.

  16. China is doing what the US has done openly for decades now. Bully those who have a smaller GDP than you do.

  17. For the hate- and warmongering, sinophobe, eurocentric, imperialist guest of Amy Goodman, here is the food for thought from a Malaysian YouTuber’s comment:

    I’m from Malaysia. China has traded with Malaysia for 2000 years. In those years, they had been the world’s biggest powers many times. Never once they sent troops to take our land. Admiral Zhenghe came to Malacca five times, in gigantic fleets, and a flagship eight times the size of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, Santa Maria. He could have seized Malacca easily, but he did not. In 1511, the Portuguese came. In 1642, the Dutch came. In the 18th century the British came. We were colonised by each, one after another.

    When China wanted spices from India, they traded with the Indians. When they wanted gems, they traded with the Persian. They didn’t take lands. The only time China expanded beyond their current borders was in Yuan Dynasty, when Genghis and his descendants Ogedei Khan, Guyuk Khan & Kublai Khan concurred China, Mid Asia and Eastern Europe. But Yuan Dynasty, although being based in China, was a part of the Mongolian Empire.

    Then came the Century of Humiliation. Britain smuggled opium into China to dope the population, a strategy to turn the trade deficit around, after the British could not find enough silver to pay the Qing Dynasty in their tea and porcelain trades. After the opium warehouses were burned down and ports were closed by the Chinese in ordered to curb opium, the British started the Opium War I, which China lost. Hong Kong was forced to be surrendered to the British in a peace talk (Nanjing Treaty). The British owned 90% of the opium market in China, during that time, Queen Victoria was the world’s biggest drug baron. The remaining 10% was owned by American merchants from Boston. Many of Boston’s institutions were built with profit from opium.

    After 12 years of Nanjing Treaty, the West started getting really really greedy. The British wanted the Qing government:

    1. To open the borders of China to allow goods coming in and out freely, and tax free.

    2. Make opium legal in China.

    Insane requests, Qing government said no. The British and French (with supports from the US), started Opium War II with China, which again, China lost. The Anglo-French military raided the Summer Palace, and threatened to burn down the Imperial Palace, the Qing government was forced to pay with ports, free business zones, 300,000 kilograms of silver and Kowloon was taken. Since then, China’s resources flew out freely through these business zones and ports. In the subsequent amendment to the treaties, Chinese people were sold overseas to serve as labor.

    In 1900, China suffered attacks by the 8-National Alliance (Empire of Japan, Russian Empire, British Empire (including India), France, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary). Innocent Chinese civilians in Peking (Beijing now) were murdered, buildings were destroyed & women were raped. The Imperial Palace was raided, and treasures ended up in museums like the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.

    In late 1930s China was occupied by the Japanese in WWII. Millions of Chinese died during the occupancy. 300,000 Chinese died in Nanjing Massacre alone.

    Mao brought China together again from the shambles. There were peace and unity for some time. But Mao’s later reign saw sufferings and deaths from famine and power struggles.

    Then came Deng Xiao Ping and his infamous “black-cat and white-cat” story. His preference in pragmatism than ideologies has transformed China. This thinking allowed China to evolve all the time to adapt to the actual needs in the country, instead of rigidly bounded to ideologies. It also signified the death of Communism in actually practice in China. The current Socialism+Meritocracy+Market Economy model fits the Chinese like gloves, and it propels the uprise of China. Singapore has a similar model, and has been arguably more successful than Hong Kong, because Hong Kong being gateway to China, was riding on the economic boom in China, while Singapore had no one to gain from.

    In just 30 years, the CPC have moved 800 millions of people out from poverty. The rate of growth is unprecedented in human history. They have built the biggest mobile network, by far the biggest high speed rail network in the world, and they have become a behemoth in infrastructure. They made a fishing village called Shenzhen into the world’s second largest technological centre after the Silicon Valley. They are growing into a technological power house. It has the most elaborate e-commerce and cashless payment system in the world. They have launched exploration to Mars. The Chinese are living a good life and China has become one of the safest countries in the world. The level of patriotism in the country has reached an unprecedented height.

    For all of the achievements, the West has nothing good to say about it. China suffers from intense anti-China propagandas from the West. Western Media used the keyword “Communist” to instil fear and hatred towards China.

    Everything China does is negatively reported.

    They claimed China used slave labor in making iPhones. The truth was, Apple was the most profitable company in the world, it took most of the profit, leave some to Foxconn (a Taiwanese company) and little to the labor.

    They claimed China was inhuman with one-child policy. At the same time, they accused China of polluting the earth with its huge population. The fact is the Chinese consume just 30% of energy per capita compared to the US.

    Minorities in China

    Show me any currency in the world which also prints the language of its ethinc minorities. Chinese bank notes show 5 languages of 5 minorities living in China, including Tibetan and Uyghur.

    They claimed China underwent ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang. The fact is China has a policy which priorities ethnic minorities. For a long time, the ethnic minorities were allowed to have two children and the majority Han only allowed one. The minorities are allowed a lower score for university intakes. Muslims students get Halal food at the university cafeteria. There are 39,000 mosque in China, and 2100 in the US. China has about 3 times more mosque per muslim than the US.

    When terrorist attacks happened in Xinjiang, China had two choices:

    1. Re-educate the Uighur extremists before they turned terrorists.

    2. Let them be, after they launch attacks and killed innocent people, bomb their homes.

    China chose 1 to solve problem from the root and not to do killing. How the US solve terrorism? Fire missiles from battleships, drop bombs from the sky.

    During the pandemic,

    When China took extreme measures to lockdown the people, they were accused of being inhuman.

    When China recovered swiftly because of the extreme measures, they were accused of lying about the actual numbers.

    When China’s cases became so low that they could provide medical support to other countries, they were accused of politically motivated.

    Western Media always have reasons to bash China.

    Just like any country, there are irresponsible individuals from China which do bad and dirty things, but the China government overall has done very well. But I hear this comment over and over by people from the West: I like Chinese people, but the CPC is evil. What they really want is the Chinese to change the government, because the current one is too good.

    Fortunately China is not a multi-party democratic country, otherwise the opposition party in China will be supported by notorious NGOs (Non-Government Organization) of the USA, like the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), to topple the ruling party. The US and the British couldn’t crack Mainland China, so they work on Hong Kong. Of all the ex-British colonial countries, only the Hong Kongers were offered BNOs by the British. Because the UK would like the Hong Kongers to think they are British citizens, not Chinese. A divide-and-conquer strategy, which they often used in Color Revolutions around the world.

    They resort to low dirty tricks like detaining Huawei’s CFO & banning Huawei. They raised a silly trade war which benefits no one. Trade deficit always exist between a developing and a developed country. USA is like a luxury car seller who ask a farmer: why am I always buying your vegetables and you haven’t bought any of my cars?

    When the Chinese were making socks for the world 30 years ago, the world let it be. But when Chinese started to make high technology products, like Huawei and DJI, it caused red-alert. Because when Western and Japanese products are equal to Chinese in technologies, they could never match the Chinese in prices. First world countries want China to continue in making socks. Instead of stepping up themselves, they want to pull China down.

    The recent movement by the US against China has a very important background. When Libya, Iran, and China decided to ditch the US dollar in oil trades, Gaddafi’s was killed by the US, Iran was being sanctioned by the US, and now it’s China’s turn. The US has been printing money out of nothing. The only reason why the US Dollar is still widely accepted, is because it’s the only currency which oil is allowed to be traded with. The US has an agreement with Saudi that oil must be traded in US dollar ONLY. Without the petrol-dollar status, the US dollars will sink, and America will fall. Therefore anyone trying to disobey this order will be eliminated. China will soon use a gold-backed crypto-currency, the alarms in the White House go off like mad.

    China’s achievements and success have been by hard work. Not by looting and plundering the world.

    I have deep respect and love for China for all the suffering and the hardship they endured, but now I feel happy for them. China is not rising, they are going back to where they belong. Good luck China.

  18. G-20 meeting 2022
    China – Russia bilateral meeting :
    CHINA : Do you need Weapons to teach some more lessons to Nazi West?
    RUSSIA : NO. I need 0.0009 nm chips from you.
    I have 0.005 nm chips.
    Thank you for your friendly behavior like my best friend India.
    Weeping Nazi Zelensky is a beggar like the EU.
    The US will suck your blood like the Vampire who sucks in night secretly and now in broad day light.

  19. Cool tensions? Yes, Biden is trying to buy time before they attack China because Ukraine is not going to plan. Russia is still very much alive and the allies he needs to help with taking down China are F'd. The Western globalists have almost succeeded in taking total control of their populations by bringing about mass poverty through food shortages, energy and inflation. Meanwhile, China is busy fighting the Empire through BRICS which would bring the rest of the world out of poverty.

  20. China has not become "much more aggressive", it has become much more assertive.
    Aggressions were that displayed in Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan………
    That's is one example how people distort the fact by their self serving narratives.

  21. I guess arrogant USA is loosing military power to China, or else she would not want to talk peace.

  22. The Chinese have a saying pau ma pi or pat a horse's arse,"Patting a horse’s ass is similar to sucking up or brown-nosing. It means you are singing praises you don’t mean to someone’s favor".

  23. Orville is war mongering? May be he owns many shares with the military industrial complex,, entities?

  24. Tension!? America loitering in South China seas what the heck for? Just to stir up for conflict,, American style interferering any where and every where ?

  25. We are glad that the two leaders, POTUS Biden and 习主席 of China have met to resolve the outstanding issues.
    I hope both US & China can maintain peace across Taiwan Strait by abiding & adhering to the following assurances …
    a) China (中央政府) shall spare no effort to achieve peaceful reunification as long as Taiwan (台湾区政府) don't declare Taiwan independence for Taiwan to become a sovereign nation or to conduct itself (in whatever form or manner) to undermine China's sovereignty over Taiwan.
    b) US shall adhere to "一中原则", as agreed in the 中美三个联合公招 and shall not manipulate its own US Congress' "一中政策" as a disguise to carry out "一中一台" activities to undermine the Chinese people's sovereignty over Taiwan and to challenge the fact that Taiwan is an integral part of China.
    We are glad to note that POTUS Biden had said that he meant what he said and said what he meant …. but,
    later on, the US Congress often decide to legislate an Act or a ruling, which in essence, contradicts what the POTUS had said or modify what the POTUS had meant (in a legally acceptable manner).
    If this is how US democracy and rule of law operates in dealing with its foreign affairs, then this type of "foolproof tactic" is not conducive to establishing mutual understanding & trust between the parties involved ……. 😀😀😀!!!

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