Best of Marvel @ SDCC 2022 | Day 1

Catch up on all the Marvel excitement you may have missed from the first day on the con floor with Marvel LIVE! at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

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  1. Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego this is great and interesting!
    Marvel Studios you're well done.

  2. 2 min highlights?? So that means basically D1 was nthg that means exciting this are awaiting!!!

  3. I wish Mason Dye to be the Teddy Altman.
    He is perfect for hulkling.
    His face matches a lot.

  4. I wish Cole and Dylan Sprouse to be the young Billy and Tommy. This is a wish of many people.
    Plz marvel…. make it happen.

  5. Constructive criticism, why don’t you let people choose to wear a mask or get Vaxed or not

    And Stan lee created Spider-Man to relate to anyone with his youth and good stories and character. But Stan never would of wanted Spider-Man to be something he didn’t create him to be

    Now be in mind I like miles but only from the spider-verse movie and I like Miguel o hara, Gwen, and Spider-Man noir but let’s not forget Peter is the OG Spider-Man He is Spider-Man let’s give him more credit and help his character feel more special that’s all I’m saying

    Everyone shouldn’t just dress up like Spider-Man also because it’s cool or hip or trendy or because everyone is doing it

    Dress up like your favorite character and do it because it’s your favorite character and make it your own but pay respect to the original and the creators

  6. Does marvel just delete any negative comments or even comments that are being critical or just a little bit of a different opinion wow what a way to silence your fans and not actually listen to them or treat them all the same

  7. Marvel you have made Ms Marvel for Pakistan you also have made Shang chii for China but you haven't made anything for India and you also know how many indian people watch your movies

  8. Dear marvel studio please don't cut the amazing footages in your movies
    Like multiverse of madness

  9. BA5 spreadfest 2022 looks like you will see a large spread in august. I thought you people were smart.

  10. This man always tries to do something new and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next video , love you !

  11. I am so excited for the Marvel San Diego Comic Con! Submit to really announce many new X-Men movies, Tom Holland Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four, Blade, Iron Man 4, Captain America 4 and many more movies! Even not only from MCU for example Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4, Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4, Deadpool 3, Venom 3, Morbius 2 and many more movies. And most importantly Phase 5!

  12. Who's the guy in the hat? He has no clue about marvel, he thought the "I'm a really good lawyer" t-shirt was actually about lawyers. He had no idea it was a daredevil reference.

  13. The event and fans look great! All the different hosts look unemployed and unprofessional. Gosh how times have changed.

  14. These Cosplays are just Amazing
    So exited for phase 5 and a potentiely secret War with te multiverse and the X-men

  15. Marvel is awesome! So excited for the stuff that they’ll announce!

  16. Marvel is awesome! So excited for the stuff that they’ll announce!


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