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  1. I cant stand it this is such a terrible movieπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ i feel bad for Tobby Kebbell. From War of The Apes to this. Damn

  2. But thanks to the corona virus the movie industry will not be throwing hundreds of millions at movies anymore because people won't be packing shoulder to shoulder night after night to see a movie not for a long time they should rethink there stradagy.

  3. Gravitas Ventures has always been low budget but they have had a few gem's but I don't think that this is one!

  4. What are these ppl watching? Some said it was boring. In comparison to what exactly. I've never watched horror. I dislike suspense… Tobias your film's trailer frightens me…no thank you. I'd never take a DVD like this into my home. I am strict.

  5. 0:50 poor girl…
    Though, I would punch the shit out of him from fear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Just like I did to the unlucky sheep that snuck to the grass in my left hand.

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  7. Those of us who suffer from severe anxiety have another term for that it's called "panic attacks" a real live horror movie that's been waiting to happen..

  8. I was looking for Michelle Obama's documentary on a torrent site but unfortunately downloaded this by accident instead.

  9. Was just about watchable until the last 15 minute's. then totally rushed and unimaginative, Toby kebbell is a waste of good acting on a banal lacklustre yawn flick

  10. I love Toby Kebbell but he needs to work with more British filmmakers who actually get him and the nuances he can bring to roles. He’d be perfect for Peaky Blinders, for instance.