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Following a tragic car accident in Greece, Beckett, an American tourist, finds himself at the center of a dangerous political conspiracy – and on the run for his life.

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Beckett | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. I’m no film watcher unlike my wife who had just started watching this when I took her a cup of tea. I sat down and within 5 minutes I was hooked! It kept me on edge for the duration of the film. Everybody is a suspect in it and makes you feel anxious throughout. No big stars in this film-not to me anyway- but if you haven’t seen it – give it a go. The lead actor plays a blinder!!

  2. 😠😠😠🙄 They really made the main character absolutely pathetic in this film. Stumbling around like a scared child throughout the entire film. Weak and docile. Absolutely no masculinity. Black men are NOT like this.

  3. I can make the movie 100% better from my iPhone 12 Pro Max … like wtf man ? 🤨😅😅 eventually there’s a movie that shows how Greece actually is !! I lived there 20 years from 2 years old … and yes they are racists and everything you saw in the movie.. you all know only islands and tourism… reality is same and worst … let me guess the end off the movie in another version.. they make him a hero and grant hit with a Greek passport and call him Greek !! Ahh yes change also his name and make it Giannis..

  4. This trailer doesn't do much justice. I was actually really impressed by the movie. It had me really hooked and made me feel as paranoid as the character.

  5. Worst dialogue in a movie out of a plethora of movies I've seen over 35 years. Yet it has an interesting plot. Watching this in it's entirety takes a love for movies because the acting is horrible as are all the scenes with this black man running around Greece like a shot up runaway slave. Worst yet the Director capped ending of with "Beckett" devaluing his life (black man) & his heroics to save the white political leaders child by wishing he'd died & not his wife who coincidentally is also white.

  6. I loved this movie. I like how the acting wasn’t trying to be all James Bond. It was now a tourist would really act if they where put in this situation

  7. Man that was really bad acting of John David Washington. I’m sorry but serious? It was like he’s amateur. I couldn’t feel any emotion he tried to show us! Really really bad…

  8. This movie was incredible. Feels like an 80’s-90’s movie based in today. Incredible story and outstanding acting!