@BB Ki Vines | Final Revision with Babloo Ji | Netflix India

Exams toh jaise-taise ho jaaenge, but results ka kya? Will BB pass?? 🥵

It’s revision day for BB, and his stars are not looking aligned. Will he succeed in outsmarting his father? Revise your favorite shows (we’ll wait till your exams are done!), streaming on Netflix.

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  1. Nigahon me nigahon se, hritik roshan mimicry was epic love you bb💖 this single video can destroy the career of kakkar parivar…….

  2. लड़कियों प्यार बार बार नहीं होता
    और हर यार बेवफा नहीं होता
    यह तो बस दिल सा दिल मिलना कि बात है जाना
    भरना सात फेरे लेके भी प्यार नहीं होता

  3. related but my parents acually throw me out and i carry i phone to my grandmas house to watch netflix looooooool

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