Battle: Freestyle | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the sequel Battle: Freestyle, Amalie’s dance crew advances to the global finals in France. Torn between the love of Mikael, the longing for her absent mother, and her fire for dance, Amalie must choose. Who is she to become?


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Battle: Freestyle | Official Trailer | Netflix

Amalie is elated when her and Mikael’s dance crew is selected to compete in Paris, but becomes distracted when she reunites with her estranged mother.

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  1. What did you do, Ted? The 2020 company executive restructuring wasn't worth it. Bela Bajaria & her team have since destroyed Netflix by flooding it with cheaply made unscripted shows & b rated garbage. Why Netflix allows crap like this trailer to get greenlit & 'Never Have I Ever' to get 4 seasons is no longer mystery. Bela & her team of greedy clowns has to go. Bring back Cindy Holland!

  2. More and less his acting in Netflix Series or movies. less natural than the series or films of years ago. only Ray whose acting is natural and satisfying.

  3. The Rapture is coming. What they tell you after is a lie. They’ll say we were abducted by aliens. Accept Jesus, don’t get left behind! Read Ezekiel 37-39, Daniel 11, and Revelation ❤️

  4. Finally!! Another movie with teens dancing aggressively at each other, just what the doctor ordered

  5. Is there any chance Netflix could add some of Volodymyr Zelenskiy's work as an actor to it's platform as an act of solidarity?

  6. हमे इतना सपोर्ट करने के लिए आप सब को दिल से धन्यवाद
    ऐसे ही आशीर्वाद बनाए रखने के लिए thanks 💓💓💓

  7. For a second there
    I thought I saw Zayn Malik on the thumbnail.

    I was like….. bro can dance? 😶

  8. I love this track so much, I wanna dance too on it.

    I guess "freestyle battle" doesn't mean what I thought it meant…..

  9. Netflix i heard there's gonna be a minecraft movie soon and if you are involved in making that movie with others, please make it animated and not live action, and netflix PLEASE BAN THAT MOVIE CALLED CUTIES

  10. Netflix is now the most expensive streaming platform. This shit does not cut it. I can't justify my subscription much longer if this cringe af content keeps being produced. God.