Batman Is A P*ssy Scene (2022) Peacemaker

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  1. Yeah, now that we know this series is canon to the rest of the DCEU, what about Batman V Superman where Batman clearly kills and tortures people?

  2. This is the first thing I've seen of this. So I sent it to my best friend who is a huge batman fan. His words " damn someone tell the punisher to lay off the juice. Lol."

  3. That’s not true about Batman but it became like a urban legend that he doesn’t kill. Batman kills all the time but not on purpose. A lot of people are crippled, in a coma or dead because of the Batman. The supervillains mentioned are more resilient so they don’t die easily, that’s all.

  4. I've not seen this show yet, but he's clearly talking about the Robert Patterson Batman.

    That guy is a dork-pussy 😆😂