Backwoods | FULL MOVIE | 2008 | Horror, Slasher, Haylie Duff

A group of friends embark on a camping trip for a ten-year high school reunion. Their celebration soon turns into a battle for survival when they realize that the locals, who are not what they seem, are hunting them down. It s a terrifying and white-knuckled experience you won t ever forget.

Haylie Duff, Ryan Merriman, Miguel Ferrer, Laura Mennell

Directed by Martin Jay Weiss

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  1. Somewhat of a Friday the 13th theme, Perry is a total obnoxious ass, if not in real life, but at least good acting as one here. I'd fire him as he would not have to return to work. The best part was when he asked a question,with the unnecessary profanity, I would have sprayed him in the face too, the idiot. The other guy getting smacked for doing the same thing was fine. Perry did a good job taking a couple of bad dudes out though. Who ever wrote the film was just too psychotic in what was portrayed, or suggested in the beginning and in other places. All seemed just slightly immature to be out into the woods by themselves, with no sense of possibilities, except one individual. Its amazing what some actors/actresses will agree to, at least for the money. The film went downhill near the 25 minute mark, with idiotic dialogue, which by the way sinks a film faster than anything. The violence, although not gory, was outrageous, beyond excessive, which there is no word. This was not an enjoyable film at all. I was done with it after they got captured but stuck around to see if they got out. Its lame and bad, one of the top worst films Ive seen, and here on YT. I am sorry I saw it. Don't t bother and find something else more entertaing. Signed A Movie Critic.

  2. I can't remember the last time I saw a gas station that was a beer joint I remember seeing when they were hardware stores and delis and by Saddles, dog collar, steak, work clothes, gas kerosene, all wrapped up in one. Walmart shut all them down though.

  3. They could have Re-wrote the one scene a tad with the FBI Agent. There are a few unanswered questions. Good action film 8 of 10 points.

  4. I hate when they go down the religious fanatic route with these. Especially with the Incorrect and outdated references and quotes that are used improperly and out of context to imply that all Caucasian southerners are in a murderous cult. 😒
    I was waiting for Ryan Merriman to do to the locals what he did to Delta Burke in that one movie! lol

  5. Awe! I thought they were going to live happily ever after. But retarded man grabbed the FBI lady. In real life FBI has the bus drivers enforcing federal law while being paid bus drivers money… They get paid fat FBI money while the bus drivers enforce the law for them.. Only in the great land of opportunity here in Los Angeles USA!

  6. One of the better horror movies I’ve watched lately,gripping tale , made me want to watch until the ending, Awesome ending.

  7. Good movie. When you think of Haylie Duff, you're usually not thinking "great actress", but she did a great acting job. Much better than her sister

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