Baboon protects his son from an angry rival | Serengeti – BBC

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Rivalry between a pack of baboons quickly turns into a fight for survival 🫣 #SerengetiIII #iPlayer

Love and loss, jealousy and rivalry, tragedy and triumph as the lives of the animals entwine and dramatically unfold in the heart of this legendary land.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant photography Congrats to all the hours and hard work put in by the camera crew and to JD Productions. 🤩

  2. Just think what you could do if you actually followed an animal family around for three or four years, the stories that you would have vs. just making editorial decisions and piecing together random clips. And it could be done via bbc, not bbc earth if you wanted. Because the story lines would be as dramatic as the series that bbc spits out. If this is a class, and savage kingdom season 1 gets an A+, you guys get an F. Sorry. If your target audience are kids, I can see this being a go to. But shouldn’t we be teaching kids about the world vs painting a nice fuzzy portrait of it for them? Aim higher. You have the resources. Think eternal enemies etc.. if you want to perpetuate a soft society, these docu series are perfect.

  3. This is amazing! That little baboon has one tough dad, nobody’s gonna wanna mess with him!! Loved this!!!

  4. Hello! Thanks for this release the video ( Very beautiful nature, the video series is impressive, the spectacle is amazing. Nice documentary film. Good great release Doc Full Documentaries, amazing very movie is impressive. Good Luck! God Bless to You! All Peace and Love! With all Respect to You, Andrey:

  5. This action photography is almost TOO perfect. How did they catch all those action scenes close up? Did they just have tons of remote cameras on standby?

  6. Awesome footage, but it makes me sad. Overpopulation in Africa will eventually destroy and desecrate this marvel of nature. Humans will NEVER go extinct and I'd prefer to preserve these baboons rather than having another billion humans living on the African continent.

  7. Jesus is a messenger not God!!

    God does not lull himself for humans… the most silliest and stupidest story ever, long behold u have billions believing it!!!

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  10. I wished the human dating scene was like these animals ..then we'd see what these feminists would have been saying …then again they wouldn't have been in existence…

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