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Bizarre storms wrack the U.S. while simultaneously gruesome murders are occurring. Two scientists find a Sumerian statue of the storm god Ba’al and conclude that the storms and murders are somehow related to the statue. Can they stop it in time?

Stars Jeremy London

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36 thoughts on “Ba'al The Storm God Full Movie | Disaster Movies | The Midnight Screening”
  1. This is a spectacular movie. Seems it may hold some truth concerning the ancient Gods, rulers.
    They were so much more technically advanced than we could imagine. OR…..
    The creators of this movie have a very good imagination.
    I’m going to watch it again….very cool 😎

  2. One disaster, but two independent, parallel disaster plots and teams. One plot pseudo-scientific with bombs, lab coats, and oscilloscopes, the other pseudo-mythical-archeological, with ancient statues, Sumerian “runes”, and warring deities. Through desperate, unflinching effort, each team wards off the fast-approaching disaster, while remaining completely oblivious of the other team's simultaneous and equally successful effort.

  3. I've seen this movie so many times even on other YouTube channels I never knew this movie was this interesting and I recommend it to everyone

  4. LMBO…. I've made it to 49:56 and this movie is stupid and it got worse as it went on. Reading the comment section I thought this movie was going to be a very interesting. NOT!
    Just goes to show how horrible a movie can be and their are people who will still like them.

  5. This actually was a good movie. It was exciting and it kept moving from one thing to another fast. REALLY surprised me. I like it.

  6. Pleasantly surprised by this movie. If you want to find out how the Van Allen belt fits in with lightning, I highly suggest two National Geographic documentaries on YouTube about lightning, SPRITES, ELFS and other cool things. Knowing about those things made this more enjoyable to me.
    Phoenix Lyon ✌️😸
    using roommate's phone

  7. Ba'al is a false god from the Bible era. From ancient times he is mentioned as a false god having no power. It is the believers in Ba'al who made assumptions to sacrifice human beings, specifically, children and babies. This is what Ashtorah poles are that are mentioned in the Old Testament of Scripture! God called it utter wickedness! Israel as a nation was punished for worshiping this false god. Their kingdom was first split into two sections. Judah and half tribe of Benjamin, and then the Northern Kingdom or remaining 10 tribes. These tribes were later scattered to the areas which are Modern Europe today.

    The remaining tribe of Judah and 1/2 tribe of Benjamin were taken captive by ancient Babylon, and Egypt, and much later the Persians and Medes, King Darius allowed these remaining peoples to return to their territory of the City of Jerusalem.

    When Jesus Christ came upon the scene, only the tribe of Judah was left, from whence it was promised that Jesus, Son of God would descend from, as "The Scepter from Judah." The Romans crucified Christ, as predicted in Isaiah 53–by prompting of the Jewish Sanhedrin. Yet as Scripture reminds us, Jesus choose to give up His life. NO human being could have killed him, as HE is the Son of God. Jesus started suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweating drops of blood, from the foreknowledge that He would be whipped, tortured, and then suffer crucifiction. Crucifiction is a horrid death–slow form of suffocation, as the person tries to pull themselves up to relieve pressure off of their diaphram, to breathe! When Jesus did this, He suffered excruciating pain in his backside, which had been torn open from the flogging with leather whips tipped with bone and metal fragments. The average person put through the type of flogging Jesus suffered, usually died! ONLY the FACT that Jesus, being the Son of God, did HE miraculously survive, to BE crucified.

    The word–latin excruciate–means to come out of the wood! Once I discovered this, I realized I could never, ever again use that word to describe pain. AS ONLY JESUS CHRIST ever felt this type of excruciating pain! HE did it to save all humankind from sin and the spiritual death, which comes after physical death. The spiritual death is for those who choose NOT to believe in Christ Jesus. This comes 1000 years after the Second coming of Christ. All the dead who did not believe are finally resurrected–and Satan is allowed out of the abyss, which is earth burned to a crisp. He decides to finish Armageddon, started just before Christ's second coming.

    All of this IS in the Bible!

    This might be a great sci fi film, which I am also choosing to watch–but this is all it is–pure fiction. Ba'al has zero powers, never had powers. Rather is it Satan, who is in temporary charge of the earth, he masquerades as a false god at times. His fallen angels, demons masquerade as people's dead loved ones at seances, and ghosts of the past, and also mess with people who are messing around with Ouija boards. God forbids Christians from participating in these things.

    Yes, I had an apparition once appear in my apartment. I acted accordingly with Scripture, and In God's strong warning, asked Jesus Christ to send it away, and commanded it back to whence it came. IT never came back! People can order Satan out of their midst if the they are a believer in Christ and do not mess with things of Satan.

    In this knowledge, enjoy the movie!

  8. I was able to watch this movie when I was 8 years old. It was year 2008. And now it's year 2022 and I'm turning 22 this year. Sending love from the Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

  9. 大好きな映画なので観られてよかったです!素晴らしい映像をありがとうございます!ごちそうさまでした。

  10. I just saw some confirmation of some info I looked at yesterday. The lightning hitting the building with the clock, in the London bridge falling down falling down falling down.

  11. Enough with the ridiculous criticism. If you can't just enjoy it, then move on. No reason to be so critical of everything. It's a low budget movie. Get a life lol. I enjoyed the film. Good distraction.

  12. Was watching documentary on using liquid o2 variants for deep prolonged divers…
    Found in antartica is a blue ice which evaporates w/o turning to liquid… frozen air

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