Azerbaijan’s Deadly Attack on Armenia Inflames Decades-Long Conflict in South Caucasus

An attack by Azerbaijan on Armenia left more than 200 people dead before a ceasefire was called last Wednesday. It was the latest round of fighting between the two neighbors in the South Caucasus, which have fought a series of wars over territory. For more, we speak with Armenia-based reporter Roubina Margossian, who has reported from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh that is at the center of the conflict.

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  1. This Armenian woman thinks being a democracy gives her country the right to take and occupy another country's land. This was a very poor interview. Her arguments were full of holes but she was given a very easy ride.

  2. Anytime Armenia is mention Azeris will flood the comments spreading misinformation. It’s because they are either brainwashed or afraid of the truth getting out. So many scared little Azeris here.

  3. – [ ]
    If I was a Serial Killer I would target The very very RICH and the very very CORRUPT Politicians that have a Huge Disregard for there fellow HUMANS and This PLANET. Why do we except and put up with their behaviour?

  4. Erdogan (criminal mastermind), Aliev and Putin (two business partners) shall be hold accountable for all fallen soldiers on both sides.

  5. Not a conflict flat out GENOCIDE! turkey is controlling azerheyvanestan and erdoghan is making they do his dirty work.
    Free Artsakh 🇦🇲

  6. I have to agree that the media rarely shows or interviews the Azeri side. This is kind of a one sided report.

  7. There is America behind it by turkey 🇹🇷 and Israel too !!!!and Azerbaijani following themes!!!

  8. Why does Democracy Now get One Sided Armenian Propaganda? Why not hear the Azeri side? Who's Agenda are they serving.

  9. Azerbaijan is a petro dictatorship who runs by a Dracula called aliev. The vice president of the country is his wife…🤦‍♂️

  10. Bless all beings every one

    May all men be reconciled
    May all women be reconciled
    May all men and women be reconciled
    May all lovers be reconciled
    May all husbands and wives be reconciled
    May all fathers and daughters be reconciled
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    May all friends be reconciled
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    May all leaders be reconciled
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    May all holy men be reconciled
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    May all holy people and congregational saints be reconciled.
    May all religions be reconciled
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    May humanity and father sky be reconciled
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    May all beings
    with joy
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    and together
    live, love and create
    a world of shared peace and prosperity.

    слава народу!
    Glory to the People!
    Whole, Perfect, Complete.

    May we all have the courage to release ourselves from the bonds of all they who wrecklessly exercise power to the contrary.
    Great Mystery,
    I know nothing.
    The people around me are scared.
    Help me – embolden my heart that I may show up in a way that is pleasing,
    with honor,
    with humility.
    Move me out of the way as I place this request upon the wind.
    May it be so in order that the children may live
    And for the highest
    good, truth, and beauty
    of all our relations.

  11. If Pelosi went to Armenia, thats all that I need to know about this conflict, if the US is supporting Armenia that means trouble for the region!! Sadly DN is slowly becoming the voice of the State departament!!

  12. Armenians have a story about the historical facts, they keep repeating their point, because facts are different.

  13. Except for this highly biased and one sided report, Democracy Now as one of the best and most balanced news outlets. Thumb down to this report.

  14. The latest Azaries attack on the Armenian territory is a part of a much larger Turkish master plan to open a land corridor for connecting and transporting Bakos' energy resources directly to the European market and more importantly to interrupt the Chines new road initiative in the future. Also, Let's not undermine the reaction of Iran and the likelihood of its direct military involvement in the conflict. Iran for the sake of protecting its current role of providing the missing link between Turkey and Azerbaijan and the hyposensitivity of the Islamist leaders against facilitating easy movement of Turks followed by Israelis on their Northen borders will make intervening in the Armenian Southern region an imminent threat which will danger the security n stability of the region not mentioning the high possibility of devastation which would result in loss of territorial integrity of Southen Armenian regions.

  15. This is so biased. Your journalism is disgusting. I thought journalist would be looking for truth not being one sided and following agendas. This channel wont even engage with the other side to find the truth. Disgusting, I hope you guys go bankrupt

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