Avatar: The Way of Water Featurette – Sigourney Weaver (2023)

Check out an official Avatar: The Way of Water featurette starring Sigourney Weaver!

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US Release Date: December 16, 2022
Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
Directed By: James Cameron
Synopsis: Jake Sully must protect his newfound family and the planet of Pandora from a familiar threat.

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  1. Yeah the visuals weren't matching up with the voice at all. They should have gone with a younger actress obviously

  2. Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour,but "Growing money is knowledge" I figured this out a week ago.

  3. Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour,but "Growing money is knowledge" I figured this out a week ago.

  4. 1:07 lmao
    Sigourney Weaver: Jim has this amazing ability to write straight into the heart of a character.
    James Cameron *writing a teenage girl*: Why am I different?

    Can we please stop pretending that this movie's script wasn't absolutely embarrassing??

  5. People often say in different countries that Hollywood always cast too old actors in teenagers roles – but this is next level. I know that Sigourney Weaver is a legend, she was in Alien, Cameron somehow "made" her, even if this was second movie – but for me superior to first and really created this badass Ripley. So 20 years later she is in Avatar, we know what happened and I got a feeling she is in this movie only because of her status and it's just so bad not to use someone like her in a new legendary series of films. But if Cameron new and planned the whole series all along, he could wrote different screenplay for the first movie and not make weird moves like this or with Stephen Lang. It's such a long shot and also what's happening with him in the end of Avatar 2. Like and then what, third film will mostly have similiar story but maybe in different surroundings, new parts of Pandora? Come on. And you still have Sigourney but using her only as a teenager voice? What a load of crap.

  6. Actually insane , I haven’t wanted to watch this film yet but I FINALLY got the urge to after watching this incredible video on one of my all time movie heroes. Weaver deserves all the praise she gets from her costars .

    The beauty in this motion capture work evolving and giving her another go at evolving herself as an actress to play a young spirit character , it’s really amazing to see. Excited to see the movie finally with this

  7. Her acting is great, but the voice sounded off. Not sure why they made this choice, other than to get Sigourney Weaver in the movie.

  8. Yeah, that's cool and all but they should have at least used a young actress as the voice over.

  9. Sorry Cameron. This is simply not working. Sigourney is over 70 years old and no matter how much she tries, her voice sounds horrible with a body of a child and it’s clear she is struggling to make her voice sound like she is 14 years old. The effect is just unpleasant to listen to and combined with the predictable and boring plot around Kirk, this whole thing is just really bad. Shame, because they had 12 years to make it right and the plot of the second movie (and it’s shallowness) is even worse than what was in the first part and I though it will be difficult to beat such a bad script and bland characters

  10. Crap movie but the next one would be SPECTACULAR………..but we will have to wait for 10 or even 12 more years

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    But Don't Pay Much Attention To Our Neanderthal English, HaHa ❤


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  12. IMO, Avatar 1 was better. I liked the premise of Jake struggling to juggle his human life with his avatar life. The presence of Grace and Norm were missed in the sequel.

    In the sequel, we saw Jake being a father and his kids not listening. But how many times have we’ve seen that premise where kids don’t listen to their parents? Very generic. And the villain in the sequel was an avatar of the villain from the first movie which was a disappointing storyline to me.

    Avatar 1 was an A+ to me. Avatar 2 feels more like B+.

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